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Synonyms for treatment

Synonyms for treatment

the systematic application of remedies to effect a cure

Synonyms for treatment

the management of someone or something

a manner of dealing with something artistically

Related Words

an extended communication (often interactive) dealing with some particular topic

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Symptoms Improved With Sublingual Pill Percent decline in average adjusted symptom scores relative to patients on placebo Treatment began 2 months Treatment began 4 months before start of season before start of season First season w/o -21% -18% active treatment Second season -35% -32% w/o active treatment Third season of -38% -35% active treatment First season w/o -29% -23% active treatment Note: All changes were statistically significant relative to the placebo patients.
When a subanalysis of the initial values of the placebo-first group (n = 56) versus the active treatment first group (n = 56) were made, there were no significant differences in body mass index, age, sex, joints involved, consumption of NSAID and rescue medication (Table 1).
Few studies have compared active treatment with both placebo treatment and no treatment at all, he says.
The survey showed that sufferers who visited chest physicians were more likely to have an investigation of a tissue sample and receive active treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Perhaps the problem in treatment efficacy may rest, not in the strategies and techniques used, but in the extent and amount of active treatment provided.
Contract notice: Preparation and delivery of food for inpatient hospital patients and food for duty staff of "specialised hospital for active treatment in cardiology" ead,.
In planned subgroup analysis, for patients without comorbid anxiety disorders (n = 204), active treatment was significantly superior to placebo on both scales (p < 0.
The most common adverse event was an area of transient altered sensation in the arm, occurring in 10% of patients in the active treatment group (Dermatol Surg.
Furthermore, placebo recipients who cross over to lipid-lowering therapy in the open-label phases of the studies demonstrate survival benefits as well, but never attain the protection achieved by being randomized to active treatment earlier on, according to Dr.
Active treatment consisted of capsules containing gamma tocopherol (308 mg) and DHA (800 mg).
a) Wormwood alleviated depression but not clinical symptoms of CD in the active treatment group.
During follow-up, active treatment with a fixed combination of perindopril and indapamidc reduced blood pressure by 5.
In the second phase of the study, subjects who crossed over from non-active treatment to active treatment exhibited a further increase in peak oxygen consumption, whereas peak oxygen consumption decreased back to baseline in subjects who crossed from active treatment to non-active.
At the conclusion of our previous study, we offered the controls whose heating had not recovered the opportunity to undergo active treatment.
After three months of treatment, the placebo group crossed over to active treatment for an additional three months.