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transport of a substance (as a protein or drug) across a cell membrane against the concentration gradient

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0 mmol of strontium) given to the women was too high, which could render the test insensitive with respect to the possible stimulation of active transport by 17[beta]-estradiol.
Metallothionein isoform 3 and proximal tubule vectorial active transport.
2] - now that it has completed installing Isotrak's Active Transport Management System (ATMS) across its 900 vehicle fleet.
Interestingly, injury prevention advocates are starting to advocate the same types of measures that environmentalists and active transport proponents have been preaching: better land-use planning, mixed-use design and public transportation.
Describe the mechanisms employed by cells to transport materials across membranes: simple diffusion, diffusion through channels, facilitated diffusion, and active transport.
The Isotrak Active Transport System uses satellite tracking to calculate whether quicker routes can be taken and more efficient numbers of drops per shift can be carried out.
Active transport can introduce higher concentrations into the milk than would be expected if only classical partitioning or binding were taken into consideration.
Cutaneous metabolism and active transport in transdermal drug delivery
These routes will be individualized using an interactive map based on location, distance, and mode of active transport.
Kristian Handberg, Project Manager - Low Emission Vehicles, Sustainable & Active Transport Branch, Policy & Communications Division, Department of Transport Victoria, Australia
We could make the entire city centre pedestrian with a bike scheme similar to London, rickshaws for hire, golf buggy trains for those who can't walk and other incentives for healthy active transport.
In addition to the traditional N+1 protection, where one standby radio channel is used to protect up to seven active transport channels, the IP architecture of the WTM 6000 now enables the option for bonding of multiple radio channels together, using Ethernet Link Aggregation, to provide full wire-speed Gigabit throughputs.
infrastructure for walking and cycling, availability of public transit, street connectivity, housing density and mixed land use) influence the likelihood that people will use active transport for their daily travel.
ACF hopes that the ACF Sustainable Cities Index will assist our car-dependent cities, which today fuel asthma, obesity and biodiversity loss, to be transformed into cleaner, more efficient places with great public and active transport, improved amenity, and happier, healthier residents.
2] eliminated vectorial active transport, reduced trans epithelial resistance but did not reduce the expression levels of MT-3 in proximal tubular cells.