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transport of a substance (as a protein or drug) across a cell membrane against the concentration gradient

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Fitness experts can advise you on the right way to exercise base on your ability, age and objectives, and help you kick start your new active transport routine before you put it into practice.
AA president Edmund King said: "Government is very keen to encourage people to use active transport for short journeys, but with a road structure riddled with pot holes, people are simply not willing to run the risk."
According to them, the re-implementation of the travel time charge will also encourage active transport network vehicle service (TNVS) drivers to continue serving the growing passenger demand.
"The findings suggest that active transport - especially cycling - should be encouraged in order to improve health and increase social interaction," said lead author Avila Palencia from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) in Barcelona, Spain.
The normal lens metabolism is based on the 'pump leak theory.' It is a combination of active transport and membrane permeability.
High costs to build new roads seemed to put safe active transport out of reach.
Gulf countries continue to invest in transport projects to diversify the region's $1.4 trillion economy and prepare for post-oil era, with the combined value of 1,424 active transport projects in the region crossing $392.2 billion in 2017, said a report.
According to a study released by Dubai-based BNC Network, the number of active transport projects in the UAE increased from 470 in November 2016 to 496 by the end of November 2017.
READ: Value of active transport projects in UAE exceeds $87bn in H1 2017
Mode of transportation: all participants were asked how they usually carry their food, given a choice of: taking their car, public transportation (bus or metro), active transport (travel on foot or bicycle), or other.
Other HIAs that looked at mortality effects of increases in active transport found considerable reductions in premature deaths, with most benefits attributable to increases in PA (Rojas-Rueda et al.
Both cell-mediated active transport and paracellular diffusion take place at a temperature of 37[degrees]C, whereas active transport is eliminated at 4[degrees]C, allowing only paracellular leakage of CCL3.
Pioneering work in the early 2000s has put forward the need for context-specific analyses of the correlates of PA, more particularly for active transport.
In the development plan of public transport and active transport system it is necessary to pay attention to the following issues:
SNP councillors have blocked a cycle path project in spite of their party's active transport strategy.