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the part of an enzyme or antibody where the chemical reaction occurs

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Request TOC of this Report- Competitive inhibitors are the substances or chemicals that interrupt other substrates from binding with the active sites on enzymes.
Active site analysis of 4AWA structure: Prediction of active site is crucial step in molecular docking studies for identification of potent inhibitors.
A & E Construction of Upper Darby, Pa., has seven active sites in New Jersey.
Although the amino acid sequence identity between subfamilies I and II is low (<20%), both IDHs function as homodimers; each monomer is composed of three domains: large, small, and clasp domains, and the active site is situated between the large and small domains.
Furthermore, the tetrahedral coordination of a metal ion to three active site residues and a water molecule is conserved between the classes, but the identity of the metal ion and amino acids differs.
A comparison of CYP1 family enzyme structures points to similarities and differences among the three active sites that determine their varied substrate specificities.
In a word, it was essential to comprehensively understand PTP1B's active sites and its competitive inhibitors.
3 Before the semester began, I was familiar with the basic 1.6 bioinformatics tools for examining DNA sequences, studying protein structure, and identifying active sites. 4 Overall, this exercise improved my understanding and 3.9 appreciation for the processes and techniques used to analyze genetic sequences and 5 I have a better understanding of the process of bioinformatics 4.5 after performing these exercises than if I had just heard about them in lecture or read a textbook.
The main tetramerization contacts are located on the opposite side of the entrance to the active site, so that the four active sites of the tetramer are exposed to the solvent and are easily accessible to the substrate [21].
At the company's annual general meeting, chairman Dermot Gleeson said: "The division [Gleeson Homes] currently has 44 active sites, compared with 39 at this time last year.
At the company's Annual General Meeting in London today, chairman Dermot Gleeson will say: "The division [Gleeson Homes] currently has 44 active sites, compared with 39 at this time last year.
Other proteins and topics covered include radical S-adenosyl-1-methionine (SAM) enzymes, density functional theory (DFT) modeling of active sites, methane monooxygenase catalysis, electrochemistry at metalloenzymes, iron uptake in ferritin, multistep electron flow, and ligand binding models.
Pupils were fantastically behaved and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the tectonically active sites.
From Wednesday, Active Northumberland will be part of the authority's 'family of companies',' incorporating the former North County Leisure Services, Tees Active sites and Blyth Valley Arts and Leisure Services under one banner.
"We have active sites across Warwickshire and while our construction teams watch out for youngsters during the day and we secure our sites at night, but we also ask parents to make sure they know where their children are during the holiday time."
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