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the part of an enzyme or antibody where the chemical reaction occurs

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In this exercise, we encourage the students to access the RCSB Protein Data Bank (PDB) to obtain the PDB file for three different [alpha]-amylases and then to analyze the similarities and differences between their active sites using the same method as what was done for 5E6Y below.
A significant number of sites are due to open and management expects the number of active sites to be approaching 50 by June 2016.
Contract notice: Annual road management for the active site residenzstraE-e.
The peculiar feature of lipases is the presence of a/AY hydrolase fold in the N-terminal domain which contains a buried active site in the form of a catalytic triad which is similar to the catalytic site of chemotrypsin, trypsin, serine proteases and other esterases (Brzozowski et al.
of Kalyani, India) does not aspire here to compile the wide variety of manifestation of chiralities in different biological systems, but describes several examples in order to provide a sense of how the interactions between the biologically active site residues and the substrate molecules influence reactions.
When MAO is used as cocatalyst, PBs with broad MWDs are produced because of the heterogeneous nature of the active sites [2, 3].
Wedge the paper into a prominent crevice on the surface of the protein model and explain that it represents the active site for what is now an enzyme model (see Figure 2).
Only 35 years ago, scientists didn't know that geologically active sites existed underwater.
Active sites of polymerization; multiplicity, stereospecific and kinetic heterogeneity.
As the smallest functional fragment of naturally occurring single-domain antibodies, Nanobodies can address therapeutic targets that are not easily recognized by conventional antibodies, including active sites of enzymes and receptors.
Inertium is extremely inert and reduces breakdown caused by active sites in the inlet.
Since 1993, a drastic reduction in the disease was observed, despite the identification of nine active sites of canine visceral leishmaniasis (VL) in this region (G.
His work has contributed meaningfully to the better understanding of the nature of the active sites and the reaction mechanism in these systems, which is valuable information for designing better catalysts and processes.
The active sites of the two structures, which were quite different, represented snapshots along the reaction coordinate for the enzyme-catalyzed reaction of glutathione with 1-chloro-2,4-dinitrobenzene and revealed specific interactions between the enzyme, intermediate, and product that are important for catalysis.
The active sites of caspase -3 may contain sulfthydryl groups.
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