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the part of an enzyme or antibody where the chemical reaction occurs

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Bivalent DTIs block thrombin at both the active site and exosite 1,whereas univalent DTIs bind only to the active site.
* dNTPs in the environment diffuse into the polymerase active site. If the dNTP is the complement of the next downstream template nucleotide (i.e., if it is a deoxycitidylate, in Figure 1), then its capacity to form H-bonds with the template strand "G" located here causes the dNTP to pause long enough in position for the enzyme to act.
Figure 7 shows the calculated local hydrogen production rate on an active site of photocatalyst.
1"-OH in the saccharide group of BA as the hydrogen bond donor was found between the OH and the backbone S atom of CME 592 (H...S distance = 3.4 [Angstrom]), which was located on the mobile flap closing the active site of the enzyme.
Abraham Shanzer of the Organic Chemistry Department, they created an artificial version of the metal zinc-histidine complex at the heart of the MMP9 active site. They then injected these small, synthetic molecules into mice and afterward checked the mice's blood for signs of immune activity against the MMPs.
However, the molecular weight distributions (MWDs) of the resulting polymers are not controlled well because of the presence of multiple active sites and the heterogeneity of the catalyst system [1-10].
Wedge the paper into a prominent crevice on the surface of the protein model and explain that it represents the active site for what is now an enzyme model (see Figure 2).
Oseltamivir resistance caused by a single amino acid substitution from histidine (H) to tyrosine (Y) at position 274 of the neuraminidase active site has been reported in persons infected both experimentally and naturally with influenza A virus subtype H5N1 (1,2).
The team achieved unrestrained, all-atom simulations of the drug target HIV-1 protease, in which large conformational changes of the active site flaps were observed.
"Understanding how oxygen reaches the active site will provide insight into how hydrogenase's oxygen tolerance can be increased through protein engineering, and, in turn, make hydrogenase an economical source of hydrogen fuel," said UIUC professor Klaus Schulten.
Long misperceived in the West as a Conceptualist, Ilya Kabakov is, rather, an imagist and a fantasist who constructs situations in which the work's most active site is the viewer's imagination.
One area of particular interest would be repair of DNA sites damaged by radiation--the scientist would now be able to create a model enzyme active site and include a small piece of DNA to be cleaved.
This point is known as the "active site." Once the structure of the enzyme is identified, that information is fed into a computer which sorts through a database of hundreds of thousands of small molecules, looking for one that fits the enzyme.
This was accomplished, in part, by making the molecule flexible, so that it can still fit in the "pocket" (the active site) of the reverse-transcriptase enzyme, even when HIV mutates to change the shape of that site.
A major scientific conclusion was that reaction energetics predominated over active site steric constraints so that quantum mechanical calculations comparing the energetics of all possible radical intermediates successfully predicted the hydrocylation patterns for all products.
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