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the part of an enzyme or antibody where the chemical reaction occurs

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We created a simple and effective bioinformatics module to test its efficacy in educating students about phylogeny as well as visualizing and locating the active site of the subject enzymes in an undergraduate one-semester biochemistry class.
In order to crystallize LIPSBS in open configuration we tried Ca2+ ions as it was involved in the enhancement of LIPSBS activity [3] and Triton X-100 expecting that hydrophobic interactions between Triton X-100 molecules and the lid over the active site of LIPSBS might be able to shift close configuration to open one [9].
For the implementation of the program active sites for regional aid ResidenzstraE-e a shopping street management is from the 10/01/2015 required to revalue the ResidenzstraE-e as Commercial Street, to stabilize the development of the trade with local stakeholders and to force a positive development.
This is important information, as chemicals that occupy the active site will also inhibit the enzyme.
Another small family of lipases with an emerging role in lipid mobilization in insects, the adipose- triglyceride-lipase (ATGL) family (PF01734), also have an N-terminal domain with a predicted alpha/beta hydrolase fold and an active site serine residue (Zimmermann et al.
Most research in the past has focused on the active site inner coordination sphere of these enzymes, where the metal molecule is located," Pierce said.
This behavior has a responsibility for the fact that the photocatalyst possesses both a large surface active site and the separation feasibility from the water.
Our data strongly indicate that the cocaine analogs attach to the DAT near the DA active site.
Bivalent DTIs block thrombin at both the active site and exosite 1,whereas univalent DTIs bind only to the active site.
Just as immunization with a killed virus induces the immune system to create antibodies that then attack live viruses, an MMP immunization would trick the body into creating antibodies that block the enzyme at its active site.
of Kalyani, India) does not aspire here to compile the wide variety of manifestation of chiralities in different biological systems, but describes several examples in order to provide a sense of how the interactions between the biologically active site residues and the substrate molecules influence reactions.
Figure 6 also shows the MWD of the polymer produced by each deconvoluted active site.
Antiviral drugs can wedge into a cavity within an active site of the N1 enzyme (shown), stopping the enzyme's action and blocking the release of new viral particles.
The team constructed a computational model of the enzyme's active site and used density functional theory calculations to simulate the demethylation reaction.
Devoted to naturally occurring metal-carbon bonds, the book sums up recent work in the field, with chapters on organometallic chemistry of B12 coenzymes, cobalamin- and corrinoid-dependent enzymes, nickel-alkyl bond formation in the active site of methyl-coenzyme M reductase, and nickel-alkyl bonds in acetyl-coenzyme A synthases.
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