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Synonyms for principle

Synonyms for principle

a broad and basic rule or truth

moral or ethical strength

Synonyms for principle

a basic generalization that is accepted as true and that can be used as a basis for reasoning or conduct

(law) an explanation of the fundamental reasons (especially an explanation of the working of some device in terms of laws of nature)

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This view is ascribed to Posidonius (or at least used as a corrected version of his definition), because he has come some way to meet the Platonists: (i) he possibly undid the alignment between the World Soul and the active principle (according to Plutarch), and (ii) he reintroduced Plato's three soul components (elsewhere attested by Galen, vide infra).
Hexane fraction and its active principle [beta]-asarone inhibited C albicans growth in a concentration dependent manner, exhibiting minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) at 10 mg/ml and 0.5 mg/ml respectively (Fig.
Moreover thymoquinone, the active principle of NSO inhibited the production of 5-LO products (IC(50): 0.26+/-0.02 micro g/ml) and 5-HETE production (IC(50): 0.36+/-0.02 micro g/ml) in a similar way.
The companies which intend to produce pharmaceutical products beyond the patent protection may start the registration procedure of the product containing the active principle one year before the expiration of the supplementary patent protection or, in its absence, of the patent protection related to the active ingredient, taking into account also possible further extensions of protection.
It grasps the reality of "'ising', understood to be an active principle of an absolutely unique kind, an urphenomenon distinct from essence." The second form for accessing existence targets the manifold forms of knowledge of concretely existing beings.
Comment: The results of this study suggest that curcumin (the active principle in turmeric) is beneficial in the treatment of HIV-associated diarrhea.
The efficacy of plant extracts is due to the presence of one or more biologically active principle. Pharmacological assays have shown that the activity is not always due to the main components, but the minor ones, or even to the synergism of all the active principles (Galeffi 1980).
The tests of bioavailability are component of the previous tests to the approval like condition to obtain the sanitary registry of any new drug in the market and are made during the clinical studies of the products that contain an active principle never before used or indicated in certain pathology or a new presentation as pharmaceutical forms for administration by routes different from the intravenous.
Matter is to be considered more as a principle than as a cause and in itself is no other than pure formless disgregation, "but it can have all (forms) by the operation of the acting active principle of nature." (57) This author agrees with G.
The main objective has, naturally, to be improvement in content of active principle in the final product as well as of total yield per plant in terms of the fruit, seed, rhizome or bark.
Knowledge requires total receptivity (in Eckhart's terms, "nudity" and "passivity"), for precisely qua passive, the knower can achieve actual unity with the known, the active principle of knowledge.
According to Pande, Cosmoperine, also known as tetrahydropiperine (THP), is derived from piperine, the active principle of black peppercorns (Piper nigrum), which acts as a penetration enhancer when added to water-soluble ingredients.
In the Physiology manuscripts, Reid endorses the existence of an active principle that has the power to move animals.