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Synonyms for movement

Synonyms for movement

the act or process of moving

a change in normal place or position

a calculated change in position

an organized effort to accomplish a purpose

Synonyms for movement

a major self-contained part of a symphony or sonata

an optical illusion of motion produced by viewing a rapid succession of still pictures of a moving object

a euphemism for defecation

a general tendency to change (as of opinion)

the driving and regulating parts of a mechanism (as of a watch or clock)

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In this study, the results suggest high reliability and validity of smartphone to evaluate the active movement of the elbow of dominant hand.
Prior to that date, there was a continuous, active movement in exhibitions for senior and young artists, celebrated in official galleries such as the Ministry of Culture as well as private galleries.
WAFA added that there was active movement of Palestinian arrivals to the holy mosque despite Israeli measures which retained IDs of Palestinian youths at the main outer gates of the holy mosque.
The spring season is one of the tourist potentials which attracts domestic tourism where plains and mountains experience active movement of tourists from the cities to enjoy the beauty of nature after the clearing of fog on the mountain peaks caused by the autumn rains in the plain, the mountains and broad flat plateaus to form landscaped gardens stretching across the governorate.
Geneva, Ramadan 26, 1435, Jul 23, 2014, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has called on an active movement at the international political arena in order to convene a meeting of High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to take steps to ensure the application of the Convention in the occupied Palestinian territory, including Al-Quds.
Teenagers and young adults who are addicted to nicotine from smoking will remain the key targets of brand players in NRT smoking cessation aids, given the active movement by independent organisations named Action on Smoking and Health Foundation Thailand to advocate tight control over tobacco distribution and advertisements.
that the Ministry of Peshmerga currently coordinating within the Joint Committee with the Iraqi army in / disputed / areas to prevent the presence of terrorist Dsh elements, noting that previous intelligence data confirms that there is an active movement for terrorist organizations in the / disputed / areas in Diyala, Salahuddin , Kirkuk and Nineveh targeting.
The increase in activity and the resulting rise in commissions from brokers can be taken as a sign of active movement taking place in the real estate market," said Hashimi.
We urge them to move forward with that same coalition to build an active movement that insists on investment in people.
It's performed by trained massage therapy professionals who move the joint in ways that cannot be accomplished with active movement.
These data suggest that the active movement of the shoulder from 0[degrees] to 90[degrees] in water and on land should be performed following a progression according to results obtained.
But do you have such an active movement in Kurdistan; are the women expressing the dreams and needs of women?
There is an active movement of Student PIRGs with affiliates in 15 states and nearly 100 colleges and universities.
Conscious that it was time to make some kind of gesture towards active movement, I dusted it off, replaced the batteries - which were ominously (and perhaps tellingly) leaking a little - and set about resuming my living room regime.