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Synonyms for movement

Synonyms for movement

the act or process of moving

a change in normal place or position

a calculated change in position

an organized effort to accomplish a purpose

Synonyms for movement

a major self-contained part of a symphony or sonata

an optical illusion of motion produced by viewing a rapid succession of still pictures of a moving object

a euphemism for defecation

a general tendency to change (as of opinion)

the driving and regulating parts of a mechanism (as of a watch or clock)

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This study underpins a clinically recognisable absence of effective treatment interventions for the affected upper limb with complete absence of active movement.
The emotive tapestry exists each day in each class amid the rhythm of silence and boredom unless the students are jolted into active movement through relevant, meaningful experiences.
The panel was set up after a number of low-frequency earthquakes, which indicate active movement of underground magma, were observed at the mountain.
Experts believe the mild quakes, which can last up to 30 minutes, indicate active movement of underground magma.
THE TRAGER[R] APPROACH uses gentle, natural movement in both passive table work and active movement work.
We're lucky in Madison because we have an active movement of mental health caregivers and consumers, as well as elected officials who generally understand the issues -- including a sheriff who speaks openly and wisely about how a member of his own family who suffers from mental illness was jailed.
Flaccid muscles appear limp and lifeless, and active movement is very limited or nonexistent.
EE Times Virtual Conferences are fully interactive events that incorporate online learning, live chat, active movement in and out of exhibit booths and sessions, vendor presentations, contests and more.
The drill contains active movement of military machines and warplanes, in addition to bombardment noises that last until late night hours.
The radio added there is an active movement of Israeli forces in the West Bank and that the Palestinian Authority was informed on these exercises.
The problem in this active movement, at its theoretical level, is that it's limited to the Islamic banking issue," he explained.
Entries will be judged based on the school's need of the grant as described in the entry form, originality (including creativity), and display of active movement in a fun, energetic way.
Ugouku Utaehon”), where kids can enjoy karaoke and other activities through active movement and tapping the screen.
In a statement, al-Khunji said that this exhibition, which is the 6th one, is very important and we need the conferences and exhibitions activities in the future to activate the market, particularly that the Sultanate will witness an active movement relating to hotels and tourism services.
He also cited the UAE's contributions and its active movement at the political and humanitarian levels in response to disasters the peoples in the region are experiencing.