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Synonyms for motion

Synonyms for motion

the act or process of moving

an expressive, meaningful bodily movement

to make bodily motions so as to convey an idea or complement speech

Synonyms for motion

a formal proposal for action made to a deliberative assembly for discussion and vote


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an optical illusion of motion produced by viewing a rapid succession of still pictures of a moving object

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With a dorsal plaster slab and early active motion of the fingers good to excellent results was achieved in 77% of their cases11 Olivier et al compared two technique of motion-stable wire suture (MSWST) and modified Kessler suture for flexor tendon repair.
The end point for the active motion was determined by patient comfort and by capsular end-feel similarly to goniometric procedures (Boon and Smith, 2000).
99 subtotal PN: Patient number, F: Female, M: Male, IH: Injured hand, DH: Dominant hand, IH: Injured hand, NIH: Non-injured hand, S2PD: Static two-point discrimination (in millimeters), F TAM: Finger total active motion (in degrees), T TAM: Thumb total active motion (in degrees), BMD: Bone mineral density (in arbitrary units).
The only active motion with the car was the window washer blades moving swiftly, radio playing and horn blaring, all from the knobs I had cleverly turned.
Multi-Contour Seats with Active Motion - are an industry-exclusive feature for both the driver and passenger that reduces fatigue, integrating a six-way lumbar support and subtle rolling pattern massage.
The mean total active motion of the IP joints averaged 89% of the uninvolved fingers.
In functional testing, the patient has demonstrated ongoing improvements in intrinsic muscle strength, total active motion, and flexion and extension of fingers--with better scores and capabilities at 5 years than at the 4-year evaluation.
Beginning active motion therapy--expansion and contraction of the tendon--as soon as possible is critical to a successful repair," explains Melvin Rosenwasser, department chairman at the Columbia School of Medicine, New York.
The problem is very serious because neither Plato nor Aristotle ever use the middle voice of kinein to express intransitive active motion, which may be thought of vaguely reflective, "the leaf moves.