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what you can repeat immediately after perceiving it

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Figure 13 shows the CPU usage and active memory of one of the tenant systems and the cloud platform.
The start of the Restoring Active Memory program marks an exciting opportunity to reveal many new aspects of human memory and learn about the brain in ways that were never before possible, said DARPA Program Manager Justin Sanchez.
Aleida Assmann distinguishes between two modes of cultural memory: 'The institutions of active memory preserve the past as present while the institutions of passive memory preserve the past as past.
Without this History, within whose frame we are all to be found, there will be none of that active Memory in society which offers the only available chance to make this Space of Wales our own in our own time, and to do so as our assured selves.
The first conceptual foundation of Parussa's project is the Jewish view of history as active memory, where through acts of remembering the past and its reactualization in the present, the past is rescued and brought "back into the flow of time in the hope that [it] will get a second chance" (3), and serve as an ethical paradigm for the future.
Indeed, it seems that for Esser, this state of active memory cannot be triggered without recourse to quotation and to the idealistic photographic stance that, in the period bridging the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, went by the name of pictorialism.
Between 1890 and 1918, a series of new regional Heimat associations, museums and publications engaged in the active memory work that demonstrated the distinctiveness of the regional past, yet at the same time affirmed the "oneness of the whole, Germany.
Accessing these databases within active memory to tackle malware in real time is still feasible, but there will eventually come a day when IT security vendors have to resort to different approaches to ensure their software fully protects the host computer," he added.
According to Mr Borrell, "we have to debate our country and society with an active memory, to take on the full responsibility of our past, and to honour those who lost their lives".
These are the very years that are not in the current active memory of people alive today.
In the field of mental health, Energy Psychology is sought after for its influences on active memory recall and repatterning.
Computer Worms are viruses that reside in the active memory of a computer and duplicate themselves.
In prison he experienced existential separation, he acknowledged an indebtedness to others, he practiced an active memory with regard to his own history, and he found solidarity with the suffering of others and his own suffering.
Emerson's death is a reminder that in the next couple of decades those with the active memory of King's life will be gone.