active immunity

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a form of acquired immunity in which the body produces its own antibodies against disease-causing antigens

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HepA vaccine for PEP provides numerous public health advantages compared with IG, including the induction of active immunity and longer duration of protection, ease of administration, and greater acceptability and availability (11).
Active immunity. This type of immunity is permanently stored in the body.
However, induction of active immunity in puppies is blocked by maternal immunity (Pollock and Carmichael, 1982).
"Immunization" was a later term that broadly referred to both using live infectious particles to induce active immunity, and using noninfectious toxins or other proteins.
Induction of active immunity against HBV has become a potential alternative in posttransplant patients who have undergone OLT for HBV-related liver diseases.
Active immunity relies on vaccines to build immunity in the birds.
A living body creating antibodies for a disease is called "Active Immunity."