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Synonyms for exercise

Synonyms for exercise

energetic physical action

repetition of an action so as to develop or maintain one's skill

to bring to bear steadily or forcefully

to subject to or engage in forms of exertion in order to train, strengthen, or condition

to carry out the functions, requirements, or terms of

Synonyms for exercise

a task performed or problem solved in order to develop skill or understanding


Related Words

put to use

carry out or practice

give a workout to

learn by repetition

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Active exercise 66.70 Splinting 91.70 Manuel stretching 13.60 Active stretching 0 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Some of the protocols (39%) reported commencement of active exercise at 6 weeks following rotator cuff repair, but this is slightly later than current practice in the United Kingdom where active exercises commence between 4 to 6 weeks (Littlewood & Bateman, 2015).
As soon as Jane was able, we progressed her exercises from active exercise in bed, to resistive, task-specific performance training to increase her lower extremity strength, power, and endurance.
The program consisted of active exercises of ankle and cuffs, muscle stretching of upper and lower limbs, trunk, lateral trunk muscles, back muscles and cross-strengthening exercises, balance exercises, and coordination.
Pooling the data from both groups, the average total number of UL reps across all four subcategories (active exercise, passive exercise, sensory, and functional activity) in those sessions that included UL rehabilitation (n = 55) was 50.56 [+ or -] 44.11.
The study, whose first-year results are reported at EuroPRevent 2009, randomised 188 school children with a mean age of 11.1 years from three different high schools to either an active exercise programme in their school routine, or to a conventional curriculum of just two sports lessons a week.
Nicholson (1985) carried out a clinical trial to determine the effects of passive mobilisation and active exercise in patients with painful restricted shoulders.
On 3.000 sq mt external and internal guests will enjoy high class sports and medical facilities like cardio, weight, kinesis training as well as active exercise zones, physio therapist services and oxygen infusions.
TIP TWO: Get active Exercise yourself into a calmer state Go for a short walk in a place you find peaceful, such as a park or a beach.
"Kaitiakitanga--the active exercise of responsibility in a manner which is beneficial to resources and the welfare of the people--means we look to each other, we look to our tikanga, and we know that collectively, we have the solutions in our own hands."
As its title suggests, Building Renaissance Venice is an active exercise in the entire architectural process.
Kisner and Colby (1990) state that active exercise also affects endurance, which is the amount of force that can be sustained over a specific time period.
She attributes a "new philosophy" to her weight-loss strategy, drinking 12-16 glasses of water a day and an active exercise plan.
In recent years, an active exercise schedule has been completed with the bilateral Balance exercise series, which rotates between Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan two to four times per year.
Also, more active exercise and weight bearing is allowed earlier than before.