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Synonyms for congestion

Synonyms for congestion

excessive accumulation of blood or other fluid in a body part

excessive crowding

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In such multi-switch configurations, the combination of latency-minimizing Active Congestion Management and cut-through switching results in just 4 microseconds between any two pairs of edge ports.
Its vSCALE[TM] packet processing technology, which enables Active Congestion Management, uses today's standards to deliver a massively scalable, ultra-low latency Ethernet fabric.
Fully compliant with Ethernet standards, Woven's patented vSCALE packet processing technology redefines network performance and efficiency with Active Congestion Management for balancing traffic, operational simplicity, and a significantly lower power consumption.
Woven's Active Congestion Management is the critical feature that enables the Ethernet Fabric Switch to be used in HPC applications where compute patterns are unpredictable.
Provider of Industry's First Massively Scalable Ethernet Fabric Switching Solutions Awarded for Active Congestion Management Breakthrough
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