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Synonyms for congestion

Synonyms for congestion

excessive accumulation of blood or other fluid in a body part

excessive crowding

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The Active Congestion Management feature dynamically monitors traffic to detect congestion across a large fabric and automatically redirects traffic onto less congested paths.
In such multi-switch configurations, the combination of latency-minimizing Active Congestion Management and cut-through switching results in just 4 microseconds between any two pairs of edge ports.
Its vSCALE[TM] packet processing technology, which enables Active Congestion Management, uses today's standards to deliver a massively scalable, ultra-low latency Ethernet fabric.
Fully compliant with Ethernet standards, Woven's patented vSCALE packet processing technology redefines network performance and efficiency with Active Congestion Management for balancing traffic, operational simplicity, and a significantly lower power consumption.
Woven's implementation of latency-optimized routing with real-time Active Congestion Management delivers the highest levels of application performance in high end data center environments, while removing capacity bottlenecks with its non-blocking fabric capabilities.
Woven's Active Congestion Management is the critical feature that enables the Ethernet Fabric Switch to be used in HPC applications where compute patterns are unpredictable.
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