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the part of an enzyme or antibody where the chemical reaction occurs

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It remains the largest active centre for jewellery production in Europe, with 1,200 firms and 100 modern designers.
Selenium is a chemical which forms the active centre of enzymes necessary for the function of all cells in animals.
There are also active centre and rear differentials to control torque steer and oversteer.
No traction and stability control to undermine the experience, of course, but there is the new yaw control system and active centre differential with the 4WD which also offers Tarmac, gravel or snow settings, and the car rockets off in a twitchless straight line.
In this reaction the phosphorylatable fragment and the ATP--magnesium complex should be simultaneously bound in the enzyme active centre. On the basis of this fact the concept of bi-substrate inhibitors has been developed in the case of these enzymes [1].
It is bigger than the old Evo VI and comes with a four-cylinder, 1,997cc turbo engine, a 4WD system with an active centre differential and a five-speed gearbox.
Applications are open to athletes, who live in a district or borough with an Everyone Active centre or who are already a member of an Everyone Active site.
The defensive duo spent time at the Everton Active Centre helping the participants during an exercise circuit as they work on improving their fitness as they prepare for the Liverpool Half Marathon in June to raise funds for the club's official charity.
The model features Mitsubishi's Active Centre Differential and high -performance brakes.
There will be a heavily-tweaked four-cylinder turbo, pushing out 300 bhp, and four-wheel drive, with active centre differential and yaw control, plus sequential transmission with steering-wheel paddles.
That's down to Mitsubishi's amazing 4x4 system and a full complement of awkwardly named driver aids, including super ABS, electronic brakeforce distribution, active centre differential, and super active yaw control.
Last year's Open Days saw Tyne and Wear become the fourth best-attended scheme in the country and Newcastle/Gateshead the most active centre in England.
In addition to the advanced drivetrain technologies that were featured on last year's model, such as Super Select 4WD, AYC (Active Yaw Control), and ACD (Active Centre Differential), the Pajero Evolution 2+2 is equipped with a 4.7-litre V8 engine for unlimited all-terrain performance.