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Synonyms for archive

Synonyms for archive

a place where something is deposited for safekeeping

Synonyms for archive

a depository containing historical records and documents

put into an archive


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Active archiving allows IT organisations to maximise the benefits of existing SANS, NAS and HSM storage solutions because it complements these technologies; especially HSM systems, to enable a best-practice 'staged' approach to managing historical relational data that can be an integral part of enterprise SRM.
It's true that active archiving and HSM both address the problem of explosive data growth by moving data to more cost-effective storage devices.
Ongoing active archiving manages long-term database growth and optimizes application performance and availability.
Princeton Softech's Active Archiving is a suite of products for structured data.
Active Archiving assures data integrity by calculating check sums for data blocks moved during the archiving process.
Most importantly, active archiving ensures data quality and referential integrity.
With active archiving, users no longer need to restore all archived data for the sake of restoring a small subset of the data.
Active archiving is similar to HSM, providing users the ability to manage rarely accessed data.
Active archiving provides a "best practice" strategy for managing relational database growth.
Members of the Active Alliance Partner Programmes leverage Princeton Softech's active archiving technology to provide a cost-effective, long-term solution to the problem of increasing database growth.
But the technology is very complex." Lee sees three primary benefits of active archiving, including increasing performance by reducing size, reducing costs with less provisioning and manual intervention, and availability from faster backups and shortened maintenance time.
Sybase's Tom Traubitz, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), defined active archiving this way: "Let's take this to another level of abstraction--you are tiering performance of access, or directness of accessibility based on frequency of use.
Somewhere between database management and storage management lies a new technology, active archiving. Active archiving combines the best of the storage world and the database world to address skyrocketing database growth in mission-critical databases.
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