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Synonyms for archive

Synonyms for archive

a place where something is deposited for safekeeping

Synonyms for archive

a depository containing historical records and documents

put into an archive


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Active archiving eliminates the typical trade-off between keeping data visible in online disk arrays and moving the data to more cost-effective tape in a backup file.
Ongoing active archiving (daily, weekly or monthly) enables organizations to maintain mission-critical databases at a size that fits comfortably within the desired processing and disaster recovery windows.
Simply, active archiving complements today's emerging storage technologies and helps enhance the return on investment in these new technologies.
Active archiving is essential for managing the data life cycle efficiently, complying with data retention requirements and reducing costs.
As pressure continues to retain and access data for customer support, disaster recovery, and to comply with government regulations, active archiving is a must for today's Global 2000 companies.
What makes this and the other large data environments work is that SGI storage technology is designed specifically for real-world active archiving and simplified asset retrieval at any scale.
Worldwide Computer Products News-13 March 2007-Iron Mountain Digital introduces Active Archiving Service for Email(C)1995-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Princeton Softech's Active Archiving Solutions present new capabilities for encapsulating selected portions of structured databases so they can be stored more effectively and retained as part of a company's total records solution, yet remain easily searchable for end users.
In addition to the benefits that can be derived from HSM and other leading storage technologies, active archiving is recognized as a cost-effective strategy that solves the problem of excessive database growth for the long-term.
The report details how technology leaders are solving data management and accessibility concerns for Big Data, Cloud and Archive data by leveraging active archiving solutions.
Lee sees three primary benefits of active archiving, including increasing performance by reducing size, reducing costs with less provisioning and manual intervention, and availability from faster backups and shortened maintenance time.
Compellent, QStar and Spectra Logic to Display Automated Active Archiving to Disk and Tape
And, WOS cloud storage provides a simple, cost-efficient object storage platform to enable new revenue opportunities for established content - with active archiving, at nearly the cost of tape.
GridBank achieves this by automating key functions, including CAS, ILM, active archiving, encryption, security, policy management, search and audit management.
Today's tape technologies incorporate a decade of significant innovations that make tape libraries the ideal storage solution for active archiving," said Molly Rector, vice president of marketing and product management for Spectra Logic, a founding member of the Active Archive Alliance.