active application

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an application that is currently running and in the foreground

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In our conception, white-box models represent the processing logic within an active application as it invokes services offered by an execution environment.
According to a July 24, 2013, Gartner report, Hype Cycle for Storage Technologies, Creating an archive of less frequently accessed data and reducing the size of the active application database (and all related copies of that database) improves application performance and recoverability, and lowers storage costs.
Both data centres will also provide active application delivery, including for applications that are critical to enabling to company to ensure highly reliable supply.
In addition to network assessment features, the integrated PathView Cloud suite of performance management services offer active bandwidth monitoring, active application performance monitoring, remote net flow analysis and remote packet capture for Wireshark analysis.
The PathView Cloud suite of performance management services include active bandwidth monitoring, active application performance monitoring, remote flow generation and analysis and remote packet capture
Reliance Globalcom's global platform of high performance data centers support market leading active application management, content distribution and cloud computing services in addition to supporting the converged, managed services that enable the collaboration processes that drive global Enterprise growth.
According to the Cyprus News Agency, the latest data (up until December 12) show there are 5990 active applications for the settlement scheme.
Security leaders can see the most active applications, intrusion prevention signatures, malware and botnets on an industry-by-industry basis and easily compare these trends within their industry, by company size, by geographic location and with the overall landscape.
50% of businesses run between 500 and 2,500 active applications.
When it was acquired, Mashery-powered APIs were used by over 350,000 active developers in over 100,000 active applications, and counted among its customers many of the largest e-commerce, media, and data companies in the world.
In addition, active applications are pending in several additional territories, including Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India and Korea.
Also among the active applications is that of Marcopper Mining Corp.
This edition is available in an on-line interactive format and contains a built-in series of video presentations that augment its editorial content and are included to demonstrate active applications and use cases in multihousing IT.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) radio active elements for the Radio Active Applications Division, also (b) spare parts for the liquid nitrogen instrument.
True multitasking - Up to 8 active applications can run at a time