active application

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an application that is currently running and in the foreground

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In order to prevent active applications from misbehaving, active network execution environments enforce fine-grained control over the resources consumed by active applications.
An important component of each chapter is the selection of problems for the student given at the conclusion which require active application of the design principles.
In addition, a number of recent releases of Bluetooth-enabled products plus the ratification of the Bluetooth 1.1 specification has reportedly moved the technology into a number of active application markets.
Copy an unknown word or phrase from an active application (web browser, email) to the clipboard, then switch back to the dictionary for automatic translation.
In addition, traditional fraud management applications are either active applications using test calls or passive applications that only analyze live traffic.
Figures from housing partnerships serving the region reveal there are currently more than 4,100 active applications on the waiting list for social housing.
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