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(biology) any agency bringing about activation

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At the same time, CBD is only one such ECS activator; and, despite its high profile, it is not the most effective.
Only legislators who demonstrate an understanding of the important role agriculture plays in Illinois are endorsed by IFB ACTIVATOR and chosen as Friends of Agriculture.
Lateral cephalograms, photography, and models were prepared before and after treatment changes produced by Wunderer's activator and face mask.
Recently, researchers have found that SIRT1 activators can protect mitochondrial function from oxidative-induced mitochondrial damage in various types of cell through regulating PGC-1[alpha] and multiple transcription factors [5-9], which are tightly related to mitochondrial biogenesis and metastasis [10, 11].
Incorporating the latest technology, Spiroflow's bin activator has integral vibrating blades to maintain a steady momentum and minimise bridging.
Thereafter, a drop of the sample was placed on a glass slide and mixed with the activator solution (0.5mL).
Andresen and Haupl, who introduced the use of the activator, believed that the repetition of the new mandibular closure pattern induced a musculoskeletal adaptation and resulted in the reeducation of the orofacial musculature.
They found that while the noise enhancers could not cause reactivation on their own, 75 percent of them could synergize with activators and increase viral reactivation relative to activator alone.
Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) is a member of serine proteinase inhibitors (serpin) superfamily.
In the fibrinolytic system, plasminogen activators, tissue-type plasminogen activator (t-PA), and urokinase-type plasminogen activator (u-PA) are responsible for the conversion of the abundant extracellular zymogen plasminogen into the active proteinase plasmin, the key enzyme of fibrinolysis [10].
Chemtura's Organometallic Specialties business is a pioneer in co-catalyst and activator systems.
developed a self-healing composite including a matrix precursor, 10-nm to 300micron microcapsules containing a liquid acrylic oligomer, an activator, and an accelerant.
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