activation energy

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the energy that an atomic system must acquire before a process (such as an emission or reaction) can occur

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Compared with linear polymers with similar average molar mass [M.sub.w] and molar mass distribution (MMD), branched polymers show enhanced storage and relaxation modulus, enhanced die swell [29], longer retardation times and a more distinct shear thinning behavior [30], Also the temperature dependence of flow properties is sensitive to topology, and an increasing flow activation energy [E.sub.a] can be attributed to long chain branching [29, 31-33], Independent of MMD and [M.sub.w] an increase in flow activation energy with increasing long-chain branching densities is shown [29, 30, 34].
where [??] is the strain rate; [A.sub.1], [A.sub.2], [A.sub.3] and [alpha], [beta] are constants, n and [n.sub.1] are stress exponents, Q is the activation energy, R is the gas constant, T is the temperature, [sigma] is the steady flow stress, [[sigma].sub.p] is the peak stress.
The activation energy (Ea) of electrical conduction was calculated from the slope of the plot depending on ln [sigma] versus 1000/T (Figures 15-16).
In (2), T is temperature; [A.sub.r] is Arrhenius constant; [beta] is constant heating rate; E is activation energy; [alpha] is weight loss degrees which can be calculated by
Estimation of Activation Energy. Activation energy ([E.sub.a]) is the minimum energy that must be supplied to break water-solid and/or water-water interactions and to move water molecules from one point to another in solid [3].
where [eta] is the viscosity of molten slag, [A.sub.w] denotes the preexponential factor, T is the temperature of molten slag, E refers to the activation energy of viscous flow, and R is the ideal gas constant.
where [varies] is conversion rate, t is time (s), A is preexponential factor ([s.sup.-1]), x is reduced activation energy, and f([varies]) is kinetic model.
Keywords: Durum and Bread wheat varieties; Water uptake; Soaking; Peleg's model; Activation energy
Figure 4 shows the straight that allows us to calculate the activation energy ([E.sub.a]) of the acetates.
Keywords: oil shale pyrolysis, activation energy, kinetic parameters, differential thermogravimetric analysis.
Each transformation gives the calculated value of the activation energy. The reaction rate for a fixed degree of conversion depends only on temperature.
Experts saidhigher-octane fuels have higher activation energy requirements, which means they are less likely to lead to uncontrolled ignition, also called auto-ignition or detonation.