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Synonyms for activation

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Synonyms for activation

stimulation of activity in an organism or chemical

the activity of causing to have energy and be active

making active and effective (as a bomb)

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ASYS' products include the Elemental Belt Analyzer (EBA), which uses Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) for real-time analysis of the elemental composition of bulk materials.
Neutron activation analysis was used to assay iron concentrations by species, body parts, and sex.
Plasma techniques for both optical emission and mass spectrometry are presented, as are nuclear activation analysis and X-ray methods.
Activation Analysis of Hair as an Indicator of Contamination of Man by Environmental Trace Element Pollutants.
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Neutron activation analysis of the Bust of Christ suggests that it is made of clay either from Deruta (on the Tiber) or Montelupo (on the Arno), while hr art historical terms it is rooted in Florentine production from around 1500.
Many boreholes are also encased in iron, which prevents conductivity measurements, but not prompt gamma neutron activation analysis.
Previous investigations employing scanning electron microscopy, neutron activation analysis, and X-ray diffraction have identified illite as the predominant clay type found in the Central Basin (Nieheisel and Weaver, 1965; Steponaitis et al., 1996).
The subjects of these papers are diverse: amongst others, dendrochronology, phytolith analyses, palynology, zooarchaeology, DNA analyses, geoarchaeology and geochemistry, ESR dating of flint tools, 14C dating of the Dead Sea Scrolls, petrography, neutron activation analysis, and organic residues analysis.
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