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Synonyms for activation

Synonyms for activation

stimulation of activity in an organism or chemical

the activity of causing to have energy and be active

making active and effective (as a bomb)

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Borossay Investigation of impurities in thermoluminescent Al2O3 materials by prompt-gamma activation analysis, J.
The comparison of elemental composition results, obtained by neutron activation analysis or by X-ray fluorescence, shows differences.
After determining monarchs and black swallowtails have the ability to use geomagnetic navigation by Neutron Activation Analysis, the second part of the research tested these two species to determine if they actually used geomagnetic navigation.
It has not been supplanted by newer and more expensive "high tech" procedures like neutron activation analysis, electron microbrobe analysis, X-ray fluorescence, or acid extraction techniques.
of Brazil reports on neutron activation analysis as a quick, non-destructive method for determining content of CFCs, HCFCs or HFCs in rigid foams either in the gaseous phase or dissolved in the foam cell walls.
The debris in the oil can also be analyzed with different types of spectral analysis, proton-induced X-ray emission, or neutron activation analysis to determine the material content.
The 32 year old research reactor is used for Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA), a method for determining which chemical elements comprise a material by bombarding the material with neutrons.
Each chapter discusses a specific technique, among them: polygraph and deception tests, psychological and social science evidence, voice identification, neutron activation analysis, hypnosis, and bite mark and dental identification, among others.
Radiometric methods, such as alpha and gamma spectrometry, neutron activation analysis (NAA), liquid scintillation spectrometry; spectrophotometric methods, such as inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES), atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS), voltammetry which is electrochemical method and mass spectrometry, such as thermal ionization mass spectrometry (TIMS) and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP- MS) are all being routinely used for thorium analysis in monitoring activities.
This latest software offering provides cement manufacturers with a fully automatic means of continuously comparing the analysis values from an online prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) analyzer with laboratory x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyses, ensuring unparalleled online accuracy and consistent and reliable calibrations.
Increased manganese level in spinal cords of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis determined by radiochemical neutron activation analysis.
The analyzer uses prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) technology, a method based in nuclear physics, to perform a real-time composite analysis on streams of shredded ferrous scrap.
Comparative bullet lead analysis was developed in the early 1960s by researchers at General Atomic (now General Activation Analysis, Incorporated, Encinitas, California) under a federal grant to develop uses for neutron activation analysis (NAA).
The members of The Review Committee include Thomas Fahidy, FCIC, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Waterloo Faculty of Engineering, Sheldon Landsberger, Director of the Neutron Activation Analysis Facility at the University of Illinois Department of Nuclear Engineering, Stewart Mclntyre, MCIC, Director of the Surface Science Laboratory at the University of Western Ontario and, Chair of the Committee, David Minns, MCIC, CSChE Director representing the Environment Division.
Somewhat more useful for identifying ceramic exchange patterns are the results of neutron activation analysis, which show samples from Hamrin and lower Diyala sites clustered far distant from the Tepe Farukhabad (Deh Luran plain) control group, implying ceramic interchange between the Hamrin and lower Diyala sites.