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Synonyms for activation

Synonyms for activation

stimulation of activity in an organism or chemical

the activity of causing to have energy and be active

making active and effective (as a bomb)

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Twenty-two of the 142 children and adolescents hospitalized for lobar CAP were TA activation positive at admission.
The Synchronoss Activation Services Platform allows carriers and other service providers worldwide to meet these challenges with a powerful automated system that's also flexible, robust and scalable to adapt to support CSPs' changing service offerings and business needs.
Many studies of patient activation have included the chronically ill community (Maeng, Martsolf, Scanlon, & Christianson, 2012; Alexander, Hearld, Mittler, & Harvey, 2012; Wong, Peterson, & Black, 2011), and most studies of patient activation among the elderly focus on small samples of older adults managing multiple comorbidities (Chubak et al.
Upon activation of VAS service, the de-activation number, the validity of the VAS service and charges for renewal should be explicitly informed.
Safe Activation includes a built-in shopping cart integrated with PayPal or Authorize.
With growing competition, companies are fast realizing the importance of brand activation and with a foreign invasion of brands; these activities facilitate consumers in choosing an alternative.
Tablet activations increased from 19 percent of total
Thus, the pathways for MAP kinase activation seem to be responsible for the specific products secreted by macrophages and the resulting neurotoxicity.
Modifying immune activation seems to be key to controlling viral replication," says Ronald Veazey of the Tulane Regional Primate Center in Covington, La.
Periodically test the staff response by performing monitoring system activation and missing resident drills.
The product activation patented technology generally relates to accessing data through the submission of a product identification and computer specific information to a remote station.
India, July 11 -- The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued fresh guidelines for service providers on activation and de-activation of Value Added Services (VAS).
This innovative concept that was created in Austria, Sensory activation by Lore Wehner.
QuickLicense protects thousands of software applications for Mac and Windows by applying a variety of configurable license types and activation processes.
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