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(mineral extraction) a surface-active chemical used in flotation process to increase the attraction to a specific mineral

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In his experiments, Goldsmith has demonstrated that even with very low amounts of activating agent, high shear can cause substantial platelet aggregation.
Patients are treated every other week with BPX-201, followed by infusion of activating agent AP1903 approximately 24-hours after each treatment.
Unigene will provide the technology and training and will supply at a discounted price its proprietary activating agent used to manufacture FORTICAL(TM).
Patients experiencing a Grade greater than or equal to 3 toxicity, or a Grade 2 toxicity that is believed to be causing substantial risk to the patient, will receive an infusion of activating agent AP1903 to halt the activity of the CAR T cells.
gmelinii sawdust waste through alkaline activation by physical mixing and to examine the effects of preparation conditions (type of activating agent, activating agent/sawdust ratio, and precarbonization and activation temperature) on pore structure of the AC.
A recent high-security seminar in Paris actually examined how explosives could be inserted surgically into the stomach and then be detonated by ingesting an activating agent.
The activation of the gels was carried out by placing the carbon aerogel in a tubular furnace under a flow of the activating agent.
Devanand has used low-dose atypical antipsychotics adjunctively, particularly the activating agent aripiprazole.
The story's activating agent, the man who intrudes on the villagers' loss, is Mitchell Stevens (Ian Holm), a big-city lawyer who wants to bring a class action suit on their behalf.
The selection contains more than 50 organic oils, natural extracts, activating agents and vitamins--such as sea buckthorn extract, eucalyptus leaf oil, bio collagen and organic silk protein.
MixNature Laboratory's selection is comprised of over 50 organic oils, natural extracts, activating agents and vitamins-all carefully selected and tested by our cosmetologists-which can be combined to construct distinctive, one-of-a-kind cosmetics.
In carbonization process, the raw carboneceous material were carbonized in an inert atmosphere before the resulting char is activated in the presence of carbon gasification reactants such as carbon dioxide, steam or air, or any suitable combination of gaseous activating agents.
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