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Synonyms for activating

the activity of causing to have energy and be active

causing motion or action or change


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The National Association of Broadcasters a group that represents radio and television broadcasters, also criticized Apple for not activating the FM chip.
S2 was converted to activated carbon using zinc chloride and sulphuric acid as activating agent.
For CAC, phosphoric acid was selected because it was an efficient activating agent for synthetic activated carbon with high surface area and pore structure (Attia et al., 2008).
According to Gallup's analysis, loyalty programs are effective at activating only a relatively small percentage of a company's customer base.
You're probably activating the approach (via the PROC button) rather than activating the leg.
(Cleveland, OH) has patented a method for activating gene expression or causing over-expression of a gene by recombination methods in situ.
This paper critically reviews a variety of research endeavors that have focused on catalyzing oxygen delignification and activating peroxide delignification of chemical pulps.
It is a matter of activating a presently inoperative process of the mind, of locating it, of mobilizing it, of removing barriers to its activation.
The strategy employed by Proneuron is to overcome the restriction on nerve regeneration by collecting autologous (taken from the patient himself) macrophages directly from the blood, activating them in the laboratory and then implanting them in the site of the injury.
Accordingly, the use of a clone pager to simultaneously receive the transmission emitted from the pager's service provider to the pager is subject to Title III requirements and possibly to state statutory provisions on electronic surveillance.(5) However, the courts have not found accessing messages transmitted to a pager by activating the pager itself to be an interception of a communication, because the transmission of the communication ceases when the pager receives the communication.(6)
The muller's energy should be directed at homogenizing the sand and activating the clay, and shouldn't be hindered by factors that can be alleviated with proper maintenance - such as a dragging plow.
To make these pores enlarged is activating the carbon and by removing volatile matter new pores can be induced or developed.
The object of the ESFR system is to extinguish a fire with just a few sprinkler heads activating. By extinguishing a fire before it develops a severe fire plume, the need to wet adjacent material can be avoided.
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