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Synonyms for activating

the activity of causing to have energy and be active

causing motion or action or change


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On the other hand, in diseases such as sepsis, in which the immune response is the problem, activating TLRs is the last thing physicians would want.
As the process developed by PCSIR for the production of activated carbon is based on chemical activation, the carbonized material may be processed further for recovering the activating materials which is another aspect of promoting this technology and getting maximum benefits from locally developed process.
Lawrence Olanoff, Celsion's President and Chief Executive Officer, commented, "These results are very encouraging because they demonstrate significant anti-tumor efficacy of ThermoDox using a different animal model and a different heat activating source.
Our model shows that MEHP acts on the granulosa cell by decreasing cAMP stimulated by follicle stimulating hormone and by activating the PPARs, which leads to decreased aromatase transcription.
Activating both parental genes -- or neither -- can cause fetal death or a serious disorder.
By activating E2F1-mediated checkpoint pathways, these compounds are intended to selectively kill cancer cells by activating the cell's natural defense mechanism against DNA damage.
With Suitcase Fusion, users are provided automatic font activation so that they never have to think about activating the right fonts.
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