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a large phagocyte

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The role of the activated macrophage in clearing Listeria monocytogenes infection.
The use of autologous activated macrophages for nerve regeneration is based on technology developed in the laboratory of Prof.
Human studies using activated macrophage therapy are slated to begin in the near future.
site that will test ProCord, which consists of autologous activated macrophage therapy for a randomized controlled trial for patients with acute complete spinal cord injury (SCI) within 14 days of injury.
1993) were found to possess a significant healing-promoting effect on acetic acid-induced chronic gastric ulcer, suggesting a role of overproduction of nitric oxide by iNOS of activated macrophage in the development of ulcer and the involvement of gastric acid in aggravating gastric ulcers (Mahattanadul et al.
ProCord consists of autologous activated macrophage therapy for the treatment of patients with acute complete spinal cord injury (SCI) within 14 days of damage.
Alternatively activated macrophages during parasite infections.
RR lesions showed activated macrophages with an epithelioid appearance, organized or not as granuloma.
The non infectious granulomas are non caseating nacked sarcoid granulomas of unknown etiology with numerous activated macrophages, few lymphocytes and scattered asteroid body or conchoids body.
This process selectively expands the population of mesenchymal stromal cells and alternatively activated macrophages, which are responsible for production of anti-inflammatory and pro-angiogenic factors known to be important for repair of damaged tissue.
Furthermore, overproduction of NO and cytokines/chemokines by activated macrophages contribute to recruitment and activation of inflammatory cells (Maa et al.
mRNA levels of IGF-1 and CCL22 (wound healing macrophages [WHM]) were significantly down-regulated in MAL-mice, while regulatory macrophage marker (RM) CCL-1 and the classically activated macrophages (CAM) marker, CCLX10, were higher than the control.
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