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a large phagocyte

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Activated macrophages work by ridding the injured area of the damaged tissue more effectively and more rapidly.
We used two approaches to show the effect of UBT: (1) an animal model, a carrageenan-induced acute inflammation, and (2) a cell model, an activated macrophage induced by LPS.
Allen, "The Alternatively Activated Macrophage," in Parasitic Nematodes: Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Immunology, M.
Macrophages are not homogeneous, and they are generally categorized into two subsets known as classically activated macrophages (M1-like) and alternatively activated macrophages (M2-like), respectively [11].
Classically activated macrophages (CAMs, also known as M1) are instructed by bacterial products (LPS) and interferon--(IFN-) [gamma] produced during type 1 immune responses and develop strong intracellular-killing nitric oxide (NO) in mice [21].
In addition, activated macrophages are sometimes noted to phagocytose erythrocytes, hence the term hemophagocytosis (13).
In the context of cancer, classically activated macrophages (M1-macrophages) play an important role in the recognition and destruction of cancer cells, and their presence usually indicates good prognosis.
Activated macrophages have been found in the gingival epithelium, lamina propria, and perivascular tissues and in the blood vessels in human CPD.
For Craig's clinical-trial site, I am also the chief neurosurgeon for Proneuron Biotechnology's Phase II ProCord[TM] activated macrophage clinical trial.
Proneuron Biotechnologies, Ness-Ziona, Israel, a privately held company, has initiated a second Phase 1 clinical trial of autologous activated macrophage therapy for patients with complete spinal cord injury.
Rachlin, "Nitric oxide: a cytotoxic activated macrophage effector molecule," Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, vol.
Based on their cytokine production and activation conditions, adipose tissue macrophages are categorized into two populations, proinflammatory M1 (classically activated macrophage) and anti-inflammatory M2 (alternatively activated macrophage).
The activated macrophage presented several changes, such as an increase in pH, size, number of intracellular organelles, complexity, and acquisition of greater phagocytic capacity [34].
M1: The Classically Activated Macrophage. The major homeostatic function of naive macrophages is clearance of apoptotic debris, produced during the cellular process.
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