activated carbon

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powdered or granular carbon used for purifying by adsorption

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Hartquist, lead counsel to the domestic industry said, "The antidumping order continues to be effective in ensuring fair competition with imports of activated carbon from China.
India and China dominated the wood activated carbon market owing to the presence of numerous wood processing units and the trend is likely to continue over the forecast period.
To assess the market, activated carbon is divided into three major types - powdered activated carbon (PAC), granular activated carbon (GAC) and extruded activated carbon (EAC).
Chau and Patchen developed a masterbatch of encapsulated activated carbon particles for plastics and odor reduction.
In China and other developing parts of the world, growth in activated carbon demand will be promoted by a combination of regulatory changes and rising output from key manufacturing industries.
In China, the production of activated carbon concentrates in regions abundant in coal resources such as Shanxi and Ningxia.
Activated carbon made by burning corn cores, particularly those cultivated in the red soil in Dalian, China, is highly effective in absorbing hazardous metals and pesticides, according to Akira Sasaki, 59, senior researcher at the research center.
Activated carbon is defined as a wide range of amorphous carbon based materials prepared to exhibit a high degree of porosity and an extended interparticulate surface area (Bansal et al.
ARS has been issued a patent on a new technology that uses renewable and inexpensive animal byproducts to produce activated carbons.
Raw material (date pits) used for the preparation of the activated carbon was procured locally from Maghadi factory for dates.
The surface area and the pore structure of the activated carbon has been observed to be the determining factor for better activity and selectivity towards sulphur.
Abstract: The objective of the paper is to demonstrate the conversion process of scrap tires to activated carbon.
Contract Awarded to Provide Activated Carbon Injection (ACI) systems
In-line Powdered Activated Carbon Injection (PACI) or the Totally Enclosed Treatment System (TETS[TM]) is currently recognized as the Best Available Control Technology (BACT) by the EPA for removing mercury from off-gases from furnaces being directed to dry emission control equipment, Fabric Filters (Baghouses).