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Synonyms for activated

(of sewage) treated with aeration and bacteria to aid decomposition

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rendered active

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(military) set up and placed on active assignment

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Because of its antimicrobial/antiseptic properties, silver-impregnated activated carbon is an effective adsorbent for purification in domestic and other water systems.
Powdered activated carbon injection systems use powdered activated carbon in air and water treatment processes because of low maintenance and low operating cost.
Tysabri (or natalizumab) binds to an ICAM and blocks its function, thereby stopping activated immune cells from leaving the bloodstream.
For a lower performance requirement, such as Australian GM Holden automotive approval HN1555, a non-foamed tape such as Avery Dennison's FT 2161 offers exceptional adhesion to most smooth, even surfaces at about 9% of heat activated tape price.
Activated charcoal is apparently rather indiscriminating.
Our destructive potential can be activated by group ethnocentrism and xenophobia in all its forms of racial, religious, and ethnic hatred.
Macrophages are harvested from the patient, activated in a special facility and implanted surgically by the neurosurgeon.
Strong gains are forecast for automotive emission canisters, where activated carbon demand is rising due to stricter EPA guidelines regarding evaporative losses.
The granular form of activated carbon is widely used for absorption of toxic gases in gas masks but in an oxygen depleted atmosphere the water has to be provided inside activated carbon.
Global demand for activated carbon is on an upswing, with prospects for future growth looking quite healthy.
DNA-PK and ATM are activated after cellular exposure to agents that induce DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) or other discontinuities in DNA (Canman et al.
However, the excess sludge from the biofilm process was rapidly degraded in the subsequent activated sludge plant, explaining the low overall sludge yield in the process.
The MRI images revealed that each object activated different hot spots in the ventral temporal cortex, the part of the brain widely believed to be involved in recognizing objects sensed by the eye.