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subject to legal proceedings

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affording grounds for legal action

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In his view, a conflicted fiduciary is actionably disloyal where she fails to respond properly to a conflict.
Calls for the administering authority to determine whether the exchange rate of an exporting country's currency is fundamentally and actionably misaligned against the U.
Thus, strong legal and practical reasons support the Supreme Court's decision to rule that discrimination contrary to the Human Rights Code is not an independently actionably wrong for which punitive damages can be recovered.
Thus, the carrier may be obligated to act on the information that she is at risk for having or actually carrying an actionably harmed child.
Being proactive in complying with regulatory requirements as well as avoiding business bottom-line perils means any actionably valuable assessment must include the following:
For example, there is a long line of decisions that refuse to regard as actionably discriminatory sex-dependent hair-length restrictions that require men to wear their hair short while not imposing any similar limitation on women.
Moreover, it evades the censor--what might be actionably obscene with live bodies is merely pornographic when drawn.
The Commission found that "[t]o the extent that the colloquial terms that the participants used to describe organs and activities could be described as innuendo rather than as direct references, they are nonetheless sufficient to render the material actionably indecent because the 'sexual [and] excretory import' of those references was 'unmistakable.
The most fruitful of these is the attempt to more precisely and actionably define "openness" in business ecosystems.
Can Plaintiff's Counsel convince a jury of non-gun owners that it is actionably negligent to sell someone "weapons and bullets" without giving them anything safety related?