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subject to legal proceedings

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affording grounds for legal action

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1900) (holding use of wells and pumping station to withdraw and market large quantities of water thereby lowering the underground water is actionably unreasonable); Rouse v.
502, 529 (2009) (holding that because the FCC failed to give Fox or ABC fair notice prior to the broadcasts in question that fleeting expletives and momentary nudity could be found actionably indecent, the Commission's standards as applied to said broadcasts were unconstitutionally vague).
the material they were broadcasting could be found actionably indecent under then-existing policies.
Actionably Credible is regarded as the most complex universal direct primary quality requirement of data/information values.
Developing xTAG GPP, a robust method to quickly, accurately and actionably identify pathogens of such varied types was a significant innovation challenge, and this CE mark is a reflection of the outstanding accomplishment of our development team.
It was for horses who had never won a race of any description before the start of the season, to be ridden by amateurs of every caste from mildly capable to actionably awful and preferably trained by some obscure farmer who had recently appeared in court for bringing a whole new meaning to the term 'animal husbandry'.
Calls for the administering authority to determine whether the exchange rate of an exporting country's currency is fundamentally and actionably misaligned against the U.
Thus, strong legal and practical reasons support the Supreme Court's decision to rule that discrimination contrary to the Human Rights Code is not an independently actionably wrong for which punitive damages can be recovered.