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subject to legal proceedings

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affording grounds for legal action

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Marketers will now be able to access actionable insights that tell them where to allocate marketing spend and focus sales effort to maximize pipeline and revenue.
The FBR chairman added that on basis of NADRA's data, FBR could not impute the income of a person as NADRA's data was not actionable.
In a data-rich world, these actionable insights in weather and financial analytics make sense of the information, drive change in processes and help businesses prosper.
10 lakh to the general public for providing actionable information regarding the missing girl Jaladhi Trivedi who went missing in 2014," the agency said in a statement.
It provides actionable insights that identify specific opportunities to improve patient satisfaction scores, boost referrals and increase employee engagement.
At GISEC, French will introduce attendees to new research from the Threat Centre and explain why actionable threat intelligence is critical to any organisation's cyber resilience strategy.
The spokesperson said Pakistan in its reply to dossier has informed India that it is still ready to cooperate on provision of any actionable evidence that would sustain or clear the threshold of Pakistani courts.
In a video message to the nation, PM Imran said, "Pakistan is ready to investigate the attack and act if India provides actionable intelligence.
Only 7 percent or 144 texts were considered 'actionable,' while the remaining 38 messages were requests from regions outside of Metro Manila.
New Delhi: The CBDT yet again issued guidelines to award secret informers providing actionable clue about "untraceable" assesses who owe huge taxes and money to government.
The government also said that it had so far zeroed in on 147 actionable cases and 279 non-actionable cases relating to the earlier published Panama Papers.
In sections on actionable commitments, identity matters, and in the classroom, they consider such aspects as making commitments to racial justice actionable, a plea for critical race theory counter-story: stock story versus counter-story dialogues concerning Alejandra's "fit" in the academy, the myth of the colorblind writing classroom: white instructors confront white privilege in their classrooms, writing and unwriting race: using hip-hop in writing and literature classrooms, and dangerous play: race and Bakhtin in a graduate classroom.
Orlando, FL, August 28, 2017 --( venVelo, a premier early-stage venture fund for innovative companies seeking capital and mentoring, invested in two more Florida startups - Actionable Quality Assurance and Harness - and three of venVelo's current portfolio companies, Details Flowers, Switchboard Live, and Vigilant Biosciences.
That specification may be a problem for the award of punitive damages which, as we shall see, requires an actionable wrong.