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Relative spectral response (Dichter et al, 1993) of the instrument is close to Erythemal action spectrum (McKinley and Diffey, 1987).
The ASCFs account for the differences between wavelength contributions estimated by the erythemal action spectrum and the previtamin D action spectrum toward previ-tamin [D.
1972) Significance of Enhancement for Calculations Based on the Action Spectrum for Photosynthesis.
Given that "the action spectrum of pre vitamin D photosynthesis and that of squamous cell carcinoma are similar, one should expect to find a vitamin D gradient," they wrote.
And even if they do, the action spectrum of their photodermatitis is in many cases much too broad and patients are too sun sensitive for even broad-spectrum sunscreens to have any effect," Dr.
5,6) Taking into account the solar spectrum and the action spectrum of the skin (erythema curve) yields the weighted UV radiation penetration or the UV protection factor (UPF).
In addition, large errors can occur due to out-of-band, non-linear, and non-ideal geometric or spatial response of the UV meters, Finally, in many applications, how well the response of the UV meter approximates the presumed action spectrum needs to be understood for optimal use of the meters.
In general, a substance is responsible for an observed chemical process when the action spectrum matches the absorption spectrum.
The threshold data for the acute effects of erythema and photokeratitis were combined on one graph, and an envelope (or hazard) curve was drawn around the collective data so that a single-envelope action spectrum could be applied to both skin and eye exposure (25) [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED].
Even so, the action spectrum used in my program should be valid for exploring all the reactions of UV light with human skin.
Nomir Medical Technologies, a leader in the development of optical energy technologies for anti-infective medical applications, announced today that the Company will present an abstract detailing two years of successful scientific research into the antibacterial action spectrum of its Noveon([R]) dual-wavelength optical antimicrobial system.
The first idea is to commercialize solid-state light engines, which can be directed to contain the proper circadian action spectrum when used during the day, and to remove these shorter wavelengths at night.
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