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the immediate rebroadcast of some action (especially sports action) that has been recorded on videotape

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At Wembley, back in the 1966, BBC and ITV used the 'action replay' device for the very first time - but with limited success.
Matters are made worse by the fact that within seconds the blunders are exposed on the action replays shown on the big screens in the stadiums.
Channel 5 broadcasts heighten my angst by preceding and following the action replays with what can best be described as a multi-coloured flying saucer with sound effects.
I'd take an action replay of this any day of the week.
They intend to use Beckham's image and action replays as part of their promotional DVD which is currently being put together.
The game is played at helter-skelter pace and the human eye, without the aid of action replays, can never hope to get more than 75% of decisions correct.
EVERY time there is a contentious decision in a football match, somebody somewhere will start sounding off about action replays, video technology and eyes in the sky - or the stand.
And 19-year-old former Celtic starlet Stevie, whose old team are now four points clear of Gers following their 3-1 win over Dunfermline, can lap up plenty of action replays of his wonder strike.
Damien Faulkner and Topi Serjala took the victories last month when the hotly competitive single seaters raced at the circuit, and they will be looking for action replays, but under increasing pressure from Tim Mullen and Dutch-ace Jackie van der Ende, the winners last time out at Silverstone.
If that's not all, each seat has individual beer pumps plus a built-in flat screen TV for action replays.
With the benefit of endless action replays from all angles, there is still no definitive answer, and no two expert pundits seem able to agree.
Clause 40 of Section I reads: "The screen shall not be used to show action replays of negative or controversial incidents" or "any incident which may bring into question the judgement of a match official".
Also, sometimes action replays take five or six minutes to be shown and are usually then some strange head-on or overhead camera shot, rather than the original camera shot.
The game, on sale from Friday, claims to be the most realistic ever, with a full TV-style presentation including action replays, a third umpire and statistics on every player.
An experiment, watched by millions of viewers, suggested Stewart was lucky to survive as Reeve invited anchorman Mark Nicholas to judge, from conventional action replays available to TV umpires, whether half-a-dozen catches had carried.
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