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prostrate or semi-erect subshrub of tropical America, and Australia

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Today's announcement marks a significant milestone in reducing our environmental footprint and demonstrating part of our emissions action plant for the next decade," Acting president of Inco's Ontario Operations Fred Stanford says.
Despite the promise in Iaith Pawb, theAssembly's language action plant, theeisteddfod has not had an increase in real terms since the mid 90's,''he said.
Montgomeryshire Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik said: ``I think we need to get to the bottom of the company's accounts and find out why a hard working,low industrial action plant could suddenly become non-viable.
Prioritization—including “importance” in the survey process/analytics leading to more precise and targeted action plants and improvement efforts.
The terms of Reference of the group are to support project design, logical framework and action plants, support preparation of annual work plan, recommend revisions where necessary, review draft policies
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