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a New York school of painting characterized by freely created abstractions

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From about 1960 on, he was noted as an abstract painter influenced by the tradition of Islamic calligraphy and by the American action painting idiom.
When a pleasing arrangement had been laid out and glued down, we were ready for the action painting.
The four paintings set the tone and prepared the visitor for what he would be seeing in the next exhibition halls, where fifty canvases displayed the spirit of action painting in several guises: fiery and passionate, more ethereal with sudden areas of colour, daring in the use of colour, heavy and light matter, painted on the floor with dripping paint or with delicate brushes, built up tenderly and carefully as on an easel.
Where else should this be, especially when years ago he woke his own Kurdish people with that deafening action painting of the schoolchilderen" And wouldn't it be wonderful for the Kurdish nation to have that kind of monument with a proper Khayat "museum" right there--the more so since he is and will forever be one of the finest Kurdish painters of all times"
Atmospherically, this is the real deal, from the essential Marley concert action painting to an eight-table dining area in a storefront that's no more than 9 feet across.
In the visual arts, renovating movements arrived from other countries: informalism, abstraction, destructive art, action painting, pop-art, and op-art.
Her efforts to strike a balance led her to express her Arab background through her work, and she started her art career by telling the story of Arab women through action painting, a dynamic kind of art where paint is splashed or smeared on to a canvas.
The large works, as they appear in the video, are created in the spirit of action painting, the 20th Century American Movement where artists like Jackson Pollack spontaneously throw, flick and jab paint directly onto canvases without a predetermined intention.
In these textural works, Gulgee brings the Islamic calligraphy tradition to the modern practice of action painting such as that developed by the American artist Jackson Pollock," the museum said.
Applying those almost violent forces of pushing and pulling from the inside and outside is repeated many times; it is a vigorous process, a kind of dance or a ritual that the artist is performing around her work, reminiscent of action painting.
But Action Painting storms out of bed in the second half in a hailstorm of guitars.
Experienced artists Urban Canvas help you create a large-scale, abstract art masterpiece, using action painting techniques with mops, rollers and paint bombs.
She has been greatly influenced by the abstract expressionist and action painting movements made famous by artists such as Jackson Pollock, Helen Frankenthaler, and Willem de Kooning.
He pioneered action painting and the technique of using his body as a brush earned him the title Jack the Dripper.
1), said Pollock about his expressive technique, which came to be known as action painting.
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