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a New York school of painting characterized by freely created abstractions

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Gulgee was also known to use large canvases as compared to other action painting and abstract artists.
From about 1960 on, he was noted as an abstract painter influenced by the tradition of Islamic calligraphy and by the American action painting idiom.
When a pleasing arrangement had been laid out and glued down, we were ready for the action painting.
Off Piste, Jan Farthing's stunning action painting of a skier bursting out of a snowy hillside set against a bright blue winter sky, proved a big hit with many and was voted the visitors' favourite.
Indeed, like them, Schneemann was interested in exploring the new aesthetic options made available in the wake of Action Painting.
The LA Times and other art rags reported on Steve and Alexander Olson's action painting ramp sculpture, which they debuted at the Venice Biennial in conjunction with Foundation 2021.
Kurdish people the world over love Kurdish painter Ismail Khayat for his action painting of schoolchildren in the war-stricken no-man's land near Koya.
Isn't Anglo-American culture, with its free-form romantic odes, Whitmanian dithyrambs, jazz solos, and drunken bouts of action painting, at heart something else, something, in fact, closer to the Chinese calligraphic tradition that Zao was so desperate to evade?
His large body of work is an attempt to grapple with the ineffable events of life: the literary equivalent of surrealist and abstract action painting.
Less a meditation than action painting, El final de este estado de cosas, Redux, is Israel Galvan's one-man Guernica.
The work's jerky passage across lusciously dilapidated surfaces mimics the action painting of the time, but here it is paired with a counter-culturally inspired slideshow of nuclear weapons testing at Bikini Atoll between 1946 and 1958.
Atmospherically, this is the real deal, from the essential Marley concert action painting to an eight-table dining area in a storefront that's no more than 9 feet across.
In the visual arts, renovating movements arrived from other countries: informalism, abstraction, destructive art, action painting, pop-art, and op-art.
The large works, as they appear in the video, are created in the spirit of action painting, the 20th Century American Movement where artists like Jackson Pollack spontaneously throw, flick and jab paint directly onto canvases without a predetermined intention.
Kaprow characterized his work as action painting that left the canvas behind.
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