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the operating part that transmits power to a mechanism

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Thus, based on the language of [section]216(b) and the practical realities of collective action litigation, a divergence of authority has developed as to whether Rule 68 mootness principles thwart the underlying goal of the FLSA's collective action mechanism.
During the two-day meeting, the justice senior officials are set to discuss a number of issues pertaining to the action mechanism of technical committees, and review matters of common interest.
Water sharpens a stone"--it's the action mechanism of many Ayurvedic medicines.
Using a double action mechanism, the lids are 'clipped' down onto the trays for filial closure.
The author also describes the pharmacological activity, action mechanism, spectroscopic dates and other properties of each substance.
The investigators' finding on sham acupuncture "forces us to question the underlying action mechanism of acupuncture and to ask whether the emphasis placed on learning the traditional Chinese acupuncture points may be superfluous," Dr.
All Glock pistols, thanks to a long "winter trigger guard" and the Safe Action mechanism, work fine in the gloved hand.
gt; will proceed with research on the action mechanism of Takara Bio's proprietary function food compounds.
1115, which addresses abuse of the class action mechanism, including token awards to class members and "venue shopping" by class action attorneys.
This antibody's action mechanism is very particular.
Ramos noted it was unlikely smokers could afford to bring individual suits for the relatively low damages involved: "The court is convinced that the class action mechanism is the only means by which a claim challenging the sales practices of defendants will ever be adjudicated.
The report presents in detail the theoretical basics of edible vaccines and a close understanding of the action mechanism of the edible vaccines.
Despite this fact, they are indispensible in nature and investigators are trying to increase understanding about their action mechanism to come forth with suitable therapeutics.
This coordination strengthens security measures taken by the GCC countries, he added, pointing out that such move is conducted according to a preventive perspective through common action mechanism to serve the unified Gulf security.
Abu Bakr al-Qirbi has disclosed the content of new action mechanism proposed for the Friends of Yemen Group to make the group more effective and efficient .