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the operating part that transmits power to a mechanism

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The action mechanism of longitudinal ultrasonic vibration energy affecting flow properties of the polymer melt is investigated in this paper.
Conclusion: The SBE presents great antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activity in mice but this effect not seem to have its action mechanism like opioids.
Drugs for modern welfare can be established by conducting trials and clinical research for the curcumin bioactivity, action mechanism and pharmacotherapeutics.
The present study emphasis the need to evaluate other action mechanisms proposed for antimicrobial activity of Ag nanocolloids.
As people understand more about B-cell and its action mechanism, it is acknowledged that besides B-cell malignancies rituximab can also treat autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura.
The paper also elaborated upon the administrative structure of the centre, its workflow and communication channels, action mechanism, and the challenges it faced.
Thus, based on the language of [section]216(b) and the practical realities of collective action litigation, a divergence of authority has developed as to whether Rule 68 mootness principles thwart the underlying goal of the FLSA's collective action mechanism.
The PDRC also suggests an affirmative action mechanism whereby deaf teacher education graduates can enter into the public school system without passing the LET.
In order to ensure uniform up and down movement and perfect flat positioning of top plate, a scissors action mechanism is welded to a pantograph system provided with Absa/PP top plates upto 24 inch diameter and galvanized top plates from 700 mm diameter.
135) Although it remains to be seen whether arbitration is claimant friendly--at least pursuant to AT&T's particular arbitration clause, which contains provisions designed to address criticisms that arbitration is too costly for consumers (136)--one thing is quite clear under the current landscape: the class action mechanism will not be available to most consumers, employees, or franchisees whose contracts are governed by arbitration clauses with class waivers.
During the two-day meeting, the justice senior officials are set to discuss a number of issues pertaining to the action mechanism of technical committees, and review matters of common interest.
As an example, the MRA agonists activate the noradrenergic inhibitory pathway which extends to the spinal cord, uninhibiting the gabaergic interneurons in the periaqueductal gray substance of the rat, which represents on its own, a great advantage over the action mechanism of tramadol, which is another agent with a dual action mechanism.
Water sharpens a stone"--it's the action mechanism of many Ayurvedic medicines.
According to Cuisipro, the Pump Action Brush can clean everything in the kitchen with its pump action mechanism and its combination of soft and firm bristles.
Using a double action mechanism, the lids are 'clipped' down onto the trays for filial closure.