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the operating part that transmits power to a mechanism

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The wide discretion allowed in certifying class actions provides a substantial basis for judges who are unfamiliar with or hostile to the class action mechanism to reject this approach.
This experimental method reflecting depression is useful and valuable to obtain pharmacological evidence to support Wakan-yaku prescriptions, not only Hochuekkito, and to elucidate the action mechanism and active ingredients.
"The [revised settlement proposal] suffers from the same core problem as the original agreement: it is an attempt to use the class action mechanism to implement forward-looking business arrangements that go far beyond the dispute before the Court in this litigation," reads the DOJ's filing.
To investigate the action mechanism of ASXO, the effects on PGF(2alpha)-induced contractions of rat aorta treated with NG-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME) were studied in vitro.
Arranged into 94 therapeutic classes, approximately 1,000 entries summarize the dosage, administration, action mechanism, adverse reactions, interactions, and nursing considerations for commonly prescribed drugs.
The action mechanism of the sedative and spasmolytic effect of this compound has not been elucidated yet.
A smooth pivot action mechanism allows the screen to be raised without the need to remove the whole unit.
Remington has kept those customers who prefer the pump action mechanism of the Model 870 in mind by keeping the Model 7600 pump-action centerfire rifle in the catalog.
GOOFICE Tablet, which EA Pharma in-licensed from Albireo AB (Sweden), is a once-daily, orally available constipation treatment with a novel action mechanism. GOOFICE Tablet inhibits the bile acid transporter that regulates reabsorption of bile acids thereby increasing the flow of bile acids to the colon.
In its court filing on Thursday, the Justice Department said the proposed settlement posed potential copyright and antitrust issues, and also used a class action mechanism to "implement forward-looking business arrangements" rather than simply resolving an existing dispute.
Even when Ruger modernized the Single Action as the .22 Single-Six in 1953 followed by the .357 Blackhawk in 1955, they stayed with the tried and true standard single action mechanism except for the addition of coil springs to combat the breakage prone leaning of the flat main, hand, trigger and bolt springs used in the Colt SAA.
"The situation on the Greek-Turkish border shows that we need a very clear action mechanism in the Schengen area," said the Austrian minister, Johanna Mikl-Leitner.
Meanwhile, Kuwait's General Consul to Basra, southern Iraq, Yousef Al-Sabbagh said that the Consulate is working in line with the joint economic action mechanism with the Iraqi side.