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10) As will be shown later, this opinion goes against the notion that a pure bill of discovery is unavailable against third parties to the underlying action at law.
identification of a) possible defendants, b) conditions precedent to maintaining a cause of action, (11) and/or c) additional causes of action or defenses); 8) the plaintiff's title, interest, and relationship to the items of discovery sought; and 9) the discovery sought is material to the action at law for which it is sought.
A review of the foregoing cases indicate that the following defects may warrant dismissal of a complaint for a pure bill of discovery: 1) facts which indicate that the cause of action or defense alleged by the plaintiff is merely speculative; 2) a companion case is already pending where the plaintiff filing for the bill of discovery already has adequate means at his or her disposal to obtain discovery; 3) seeking to merely obtain a preview of discovery which would be available once an action at law is filed; 4) suing after expiration of the statute of limitations; 5) suing a mere third party witness; and 6) failing to allege satisfaction of conditions precedent to the under lying cause of action before suing for a pure bill of discovery.
section] 1983 alleging a violation of civil rights--an action at law.
The section 104(a)(2) exclusion, it said, is limited to damages recoverable in an action at law (legal damages) and does not cover equitable relief.
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