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Actinomycotic canaliculitis: resolution following surgery and short topical antibiotic treatment.
Eumycotic and actinomycotic mycetoma are characterized by multiple punched out lytic lesions and both osteolytic and osteosclerotic lesions in bones respectively.
Surgery has been used routinely in the past for actinomycotic lesions.
Actinomycotic osteomyelitis of mandible or maxilla is diseases of cattle caused by the Gram positive branching filamentous microorganism, Actinomyces bovis (Militerno, 2008).
Sulfur granules are thought to be characteristic of actinomycotic infection but they reported only in 40% of the cases.
Histological examination showed actinomycotic granules located in the abscesses formation with suppuration background.
Actinomycotic mycetoma is clinically similar to eumycotic mycetoma but is more painful.
Actinomycotic pulmonary abscess in an immunosuppressed patient.
Gram stain showed gram negative bacilli, HPE confirmed presence of suppurative granulomas with central actinomycotic colonies in one patient.
Histology revealed actinomycotic organisms associated with an abscess.
Actinomycotic mycetomas can be caused by Nocardia brasiliensis, Streptomyces somaliensis, Streptomyces madurae, and Streptomyces pelleteri.