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measuring the intensity of electromagnetic radiation (especially of the sun's rays)

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Actinometry was not used because it is time consuming and expensive when compared to radiometry.
The UV-radiation intensity of the low pressure UV-lamp located inside the bubble column in the quartz tube as measured with potassium ferrioxalate actinometry [23] was 0.
The UV-radiation intensity measured with potassium ferrioxalate actinometry [23] was 3.
A device based on chemical actinometry, however, can be used to measure fluence rate.
A horizontal measurement grid, which is shown in Figure 1, was defined for the purpose of horizontally positioning the UV sensors and the hollow quartz spheres used for chemical actinometry in the space containing the direct UV rays emitted by the fixtures.
Iodide/iodate chemical actinometry was used to measure fluence while all of the UV fixtures used for a specific fixture configuration were turned on.