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of or related to actinometry

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For Lake Peipsi we got the necessary data from the actinometric station at Turikoja (on the western coast of Peipsi, close to the sampling point).
After the war, since 1950 the measurements were continued at the Tartu Actinometric Station, located at the outskirts of the town (58.35[degrees]N, 26.68[degrees]E).
The model was used by Yarkho-Gorbarenko to analyse spatial and temporal variability of the AOT550 according to the broadband observations from 155 actinometric stations on the territory of the Soviet Union (Gorbarenko, 1997).
This well-equipped actinometric station is included into the Basic Surface Radiation Network (BSRN) where PW is an indispensable input in studies of radiation and aerosol regime (McArthur, 2005).