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an instrument for measuring the intensity of electromagnetic radiation (usually by the photochemical effect)

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The fraction of light energy absorbed by the reaction mixture was determined with a ferrioxalate actinometer [19].
Table 1 compares average CAD-predicted fluence rates in the experimental chamber with measurement-based estimates of fluence rate using three sensing devices: (1) a fiat sensor, (2) a cylindrical sensor, and (3) a chemical actinometer.
In Estonia routine broadband direct solar radiation measurements with the Yanishevsky thermoelectric actinometer started at Tartu-Toravere Meteorological Station (58.
Its photoreactivity was first discovered in 1833 and it was later suggested as a chemical actinometer for light intensity measurements.
Apparently due to a wider than traditional field of view (FOV = 10[degrees]) of the Toravere actinometer AT50, values of the broadband direct beam in our database are slightly overestimated in cases of larger aerosol turbidity.
Total solar radiation has been measured at Tartu-Toravere meteorological station consistently since 1955, mainly with the Yanishevski AT-50 actinometers and Savinov-Yanishevski M-115 pyranometers.