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any of a series of radioactive elements with atomic numbers 89 through 103

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The design and synthesis of pyridinyl-l,2,4-triazine ligand scaffolds towards chemoselective minor actinide extraction.
Parameter-free solution of the Bohr Hamiltonian for actinides critical in the octupole mode.
Basic actinide science and materials for nuclear applications; proceedings.
There was upregulated archaeal porphyrin synthesis in the patient population which was archaeal in origin as indicated by actinide catalysis of the reactions.
But there will come a day when nuclear power will be cheaper, environmentally safer--and the next generation of power plants will be actinide burners.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Boston, MA) has patented methods for separating isotopes of actinide elements such as uranium using microorganisms, e.
The design and construction contracts for the Enhanced Actinide Removal Plant, the Box Encapsulation Plant and the Product Store have also been executed by Aker Kvaerner.
Our prime objectives are to serve as a reference centre for basic actinide research, to contribute to an effective safety and safeguards system for the nuclear fuel cycle, and to study technological and medical applications of transuranium elements.
The Primary Sludge tanks began operations in the early 1950's and operated until Sellafield's Enhanced Actinide Removal Plant (EARP) came on stream in the 1990's.
Ian Farnan, Herman Cho and William Weber, Quantification of Actinide a-Radiation Damage in Minerals and Ceramics, Nature 445 (2007), 190-93.
For the most part these are aimed at treating actinide wastes or putting both a fission and fusion reactor in a single facility.