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Although embryonic development has been studied for a number of actiniarian species, some major gaps exist.
crispa eggs is similar to that of Tealia crassicornis (see Chia and Spaulding, 1972) and falls within the 110- to 1100-[micro]m size range previously recorded for other actiniarian eggs (Gemmill, 1921; Spaulding, 1972; Clark and Dewel, 1974).
crispa eggs were covered by numerous spires of microvilli, a morphological characteristic that is unique to many actiniarian eggs (Chia and Spaulding, 1972; Dewel and Clark, 1974; Spaulding, 1974; Schmidt and Schafer, 1980; Schroeder, 1982; Schafer, 1985).
Larval swimming speeds have not been previously quantified for other actiniarians and therefore comparison between species is not possible.
Second, they are an abundant, widespread, unique, and probably monophyletic cnida type, showing little evolutionary divergence in form within the Hexacorallia (Schmidt, 1974) and no major morphological differences among the actiniarian anemones (Rifkin, 1991).