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Synonyms for acting

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Synonyms for acting

temporarily assuming the duties of another

the art and occupation of an actor

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Synonyms for acting

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PCSupt Camilo Pancratius P Cascolan - The Acting Director, Directorate for Operations;
In acting on a proposal under section 3 of the BHC Act, the Board is required to consider the effects of the proposal on the convenience and needs of the communities to be served and to take into account the records of the relevant insured depository institutions under the Community Reinvestment Act ("CRA").
Attorney Robin Baker explained that under the Justice Department's interpretation, an attorney could be convicted of a crime for representing a client allegedly associated with a foreign terrorist organization "IF the foreign terrorist organization has been designated as such by the Secretary of State--and IF the government could prove that the attorney was acting under the direction and control of the foreign terror organization"--even if the attorney did nothing but provide "bona fide legal services."
(10) It is unclear whether or how the "reliance in good faith" exception to penalties set forth in subsection 163.2(6) can apply to corporate employees, all of whom are acting on behalf of the employer-taxpayer.
They are to be found living and acting in close proximity, sometimes collaborating as informers, and sometimes collaborating against them.
This sumptuous production--from its minutely staged acting to its carefully detailed sets, costumes, and lighting by Danish designer Mikael Melbye--enables this Giselle to set a new benchmark for dedicated elaboration.
Anyone who participates in direct action knows the emotions: exhilaration, pride for defending yourself with your own body in the street, empowerment from acting against hostile institutions.
The NHLBI, though endorsing Furberg's concerns about short- acting nifedipine, avoided extending its warning to all calcium- channel blockers, including the long-acting forms of nifedipine.
Unlike the fall of a stone or the motion of a planet, my act has a trajectory that is not entirely dictated by the forces acting upon me.
For example, if one believes that dangerous gremlins are inhabiting a cemetery and one proceeds to enter the cemetery, one is acting courageously, if the purpose of the act is for the good.
To grow up, Ortega writes, is to enter one's own space of "tranquility," a space that "permits one to choose the truth, to abstract oneself in reflection."[4] It involves gaining what for Ortega is man's "most essential attribute": "the possibility of meditating, or withdrawing into himself to come to terms with himself and define what it is that he believes and what it is that he does not believe; what he truly esteems and what he truly detests."[5] The adolescent, by contrast, is always "beside himself," acting "mechanically in a frenetic somnambulism."[6]
The CIBC and its implementing regulation, Regulation Y, provide that no person acting directly or indirectly or through or in concert with one or more persons, may acquire control of any state member bank unless the Board has been given at least sixty days prior written notice and has not disapproved the acquisition.
He said his bill had prompted a national debate on college costs and had resulted in a number of major colleges and universities acting to "curb tuition growth." He also noted that the American Association of State Colleges and Universities ( had pledged to work with Congress to "address the college cost crisis."
They also have the same duties of reporting and acting if they determine that an investigation warrants action.
Summary: Directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services, acting through the Maternal and Child Health Bureau of the Health Resources and Services Administration, to award grants or cooperative agreements to develop statewide lifespan respite care programs, including Alzheimer-related.