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(of radiate organisms) located on the surface or end on which the mouth is situated

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However, this specimen had a round ornamental with uneven distribution of dark brownish pigmentation throughout the actinal intermediate areas.
(a) aboral view, R = 66 mm; A: madreporite; B: spine (blunted); C: superomarginal plate; (b) oral view, r = 26 mm; D: actinal intermediate areas, with numerous pigmentation lacking suboral spines; E: furrow spines; F: subambulacral spines; G: inferomarginal plate; H: mouth; I: ambulacral groove; J: adambulacral border.
On the actinal surfaces, there are five sets of plates at the mouth (mouth frame); each set is composed of two oral plates, one on each side of the ambulacral furrow.
Para el gen cox se espera la amplificacion de un segmento de 96 pb (Seller et al., 2000), mientras para el gen acuna se espera la amplificacion de un fragmento de 1096 pb usando los primers Actinal. (Meiyalaghan, 2005).
Judicious cleaning of the old glue (by AJD) exposed actinal gonopores directed toward the oral surface--the specific character of note in this account.