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one of the proteins into which actomyosin can be split

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Actin filaments are one of the fundamental components of the soft and dynamic skeleton of cells and also play a key role in the reshaping of cell morphologies and cellular motility.
The interval between steps and the duration of the myosin binding to actin filaments are consistent with the numbers obtained in bulk biochemical measurements.
The etiology of the inclusion bodies is, as of yet, unclear, but it is known that they are made up of actin filaments.
sup][17] The actin-associated protein cofilin1, a key regulator of actin filament dynamics and reorganization, and its upstream kinase LIMK1 have been identified as new DAPK interaction partners in TNF-induced apoptosis.
The toxin caused the actin filaments in the fish cells to collapse.
Initially, we have slided actin filaments on either side of A band in a single sarcomere toward its center.
Various reported substrates of parkin include CDC-rel-1, O-glycosylated a-synuclein, the parkin-associated endothelin-like receptor, the [alpha]-synuclein--binding protein synphilin-1, actin filaments, the poly(Q)expanded mutant of ataxin-3, Huntington disease polyglutamine proteins, the amyloidogenic Alzheimer disease A[beta] 1-42 peptide (amyloid-[beta] peptide 1-42), and a[beta]-tubulin.
Namely, our group was recently modeled ionic currents along actin filaments in living cells in order to explain experimental results obtained by Lin and Cantiello [9].
The actin filaments are made of a double helix of actin molecules with troponin molecules localized in certain intervals.
Actin filaments are also required for meiotic spindle rotation in Xenopus and sheep oocytes.
The high concentration of myosin and actin filaments in platelets are stimulated to contract during aggregation, which help to reinforce the plug.
Treatment with actein altered the distribution of actin filaments and induced apoptosis in these cells.
Another mechanism leading to cholestasis is mediated by drugs that bind to actin filaments, resulting in disruption of the actin filaments situated around the bile canaliculi, thus preventing the normal pulsatile contractions that move bile through the canalicular system to the bile ducts (Cullen 2005).
In multiple experiments, the cantilevers applied an initial force to growing actin filaments, then applied a larger force.
Actin filaments may play a vital role in compartmentation and substrate channeling in glycolysis (1).