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one of the proteins into which actomyosin can be split

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The published study gives the first clear details of how binding sites of CaMKII act to align actin filaments into long, rigid bundles.
CapZ corresponds to a heterodimer (~ 68 kDa) formed by a and b subunits and covers the plus ends of actin filaments, contributing to their alignment with the Z-line.
Quantitative analysis of cortical actin filaments during polar body formation in starfish oocytes.
Agah, "Actin filaments play a primary role for structural integrity and viscoelastic response in cells," Integrative Biology, vol.
MLC phosphorylation enables the interaction of myosin II with actin filaments and tension generation.
Hanein, "An atomic model of actin filaments cross-linked by fimbrin and its implications for bundle assembly and function," The Journal of Cell Biology, vol.
From the cytoskeleton structure staining, the proper presence of extended actin filaments with cell nuclei manifests the cell survival with rational cell-material interaction under the influence of ribose in both pre and post glycated samples as seen in Fig.
Early molecular level studies investigated this coupling in the sliding assay system in which actin filaments move along myosin molecules attached to a glass slide, (3),(4) but because a variable number of myosin molecules interact with the actin at a given moment, conclusions at the single molecule level could not be made.
Polarized chemotactic cell migration is associated with the formation of polarized networks of actin filaments and microtubules together with the asymmetric distribution of signaling molecules including PI3Ks, PTEN, and Rho GTPases [10, 11].
In control and fMLP-, PMA-, or LPS-stimulated cells, we observed small actin filaments that were distributed throughout the cell and were located closer to the base of the cells.
(8) The inclusions have been shown to be made up of densely packed vimentin and actin filaments. Currently it is thought that their presence most likely represents a deviation in the complex process of myofilament assemblage in myofibroblasts and smooth muscle cells.
c) Conduct cyclic sliding actin filaments. Movement of the head cross a bridge along the monofilament is very low compared with that required a complete swipes actin.