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ISLAMABAD -- The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory AuthoArity (Pemra) served a show-cause notice to 14 news channels for failing to act upon its advisory to avoid commenting on references filed in the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) against senior judges, a press release by the regulatory authority said on Saturday.
Mengal said the government was not able to act upon the six-point agreement with his party in 10 months.
In the case of Pakistan the major political parties express support for democratic values, but have been unable to act upon them in letter and spirit as the parties hesitate to hold intra-party elections.
Of course, it doesn't mean you have to act upon it but it happens.
Rule 18 Section 137 of the House rules states that the House may constitute itself into a 'Committee of the Whole on motion of the Majority Leader to act upon a bill or resolution.'
I really appreciate the police for such an appreciable task which is really beneficial for the city also for its residents and it is hoped that the police and concern authorities never be tired to act upon those cruel people who are only cruse upon humanity.
Later, while talking to journalists, Minister said that across the country as many as 3.5 million students are studying in seminaries, adding that different issues regarding reforms and syllabus have been finalized between Ministry of Education and advisor National security.He said that Pakistan is completely acting upon Liaqat Nehru pact while India is reluctant to act upon.
Islamabad -- Federal government failed to coup with electricity crisis, also unsuccessful to act upon their claims of zero load shedding.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the Kurdish Women's Protection Units (YPJ) Nasrin Abdullah underlined that the Kurdish forces who are fighting against the terrorists in Syria will not act upon the US demands.
We have been informed that PM Zoran Zaev wants to wait for the local elections to be organized and then act upon the law on Albanian language, but BDI wants to soon implement the program for which Albanian citizens voted.
The HC noted that L- G of the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi ( GNCTD) is bound to act upon the aid and advice of the council of ministers who are directly elected by citizens of Delhi and the Centre's executive fiat siding with him is suspect.
The eTDSR solution overcomes these challenges by flipping the current approach to first understand the data and immediately act upon it in real time, before storing.
It's a duty of being a good citizen, whether expat or national, to report and act upon seeing someone breaking the law.
I hope very much that people will listen to whatever we find and act upon it."