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misbehave badly

make itself felt as a recurring pain

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ACT UP discovered early in 1988 that more than forty aids drugs had been approved for clinical trials but that thirty-nine of those trials had almost no patients in them.
If the US government will not responsibly deal with the AIDS crisis, then ACT UP will force them to by performing on the streets and disrupting quotidian life.
The time period addressed in the text is 1987 to 1999, from the founding of ACT UP, in response to the AIDS pandemic, to the prevention of the meeting of the World Trade Organization in Seattle in December 1999.
This is particularly true for ACT UP Philadelphia, half of whose current members are people of color and people with AIDS.
Of course, ACT UP was part of a long line of artist-activist groups.
In the process they have become what ACT UP founder Larry Kramer called "our own experts on AIDS.
MN: We decided we wanted to function independently, but we asked ACT UP for a percentage of the profits from sales of T-shirts with our images printed on them.
The virtue of postmodernism for ACT UP is that it has encouraged the organization to insinuate itself like a computer virus into electronic information systems hitherto available only to the power elite.
But even before ACT UP was officially formed, there were signs of an emerging AIDS-activist movement.
Jim Eigo, a member of the ACT UP issues committee and one of the principal architects of the organization's demands, says the central problem is that "the F.
ACT UP is down to a handful of chapters and members, but its old fire still smolders
ACT UP left me on edge, excited, proud, enraged, and uncomfortable.
The final act ups the ante, both in violence -- it plays like an adult version of Home Alone, with the baddies lured to a booby-trapped house -- and ridiculousness.