act of God

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a natural and unavoidable catastrophe that interrupts the expected course of events

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It cannot be denied that society has become more litigious and undoubtedly if the insurance companies can invoke the Act of God defence, some people will look to airlines, the Civil Aviation Authority and even the Government amongst others, to blame for the losses they have suffered.
Maria, reading the latest news stories about the sudden lack of insurance on the grounds that the deity had colluded in this geological happening, commented: "All right, so it's an act of God.
In the end, the court ruled against Transatlantic, noting that the policy had no earthquake clause and the company was "relying on the defense that the disaster was 'an act of God,' not insured against.
Joel names this plague as an act of God and calls the people to repentance, a call that will be heard.
For those telling the story of New Orleans without the context of racism, corruption and neglect that caused this, it could just be another act of God.
Need to know the difference between an act of God and an act of nature?
Is there such a thing as an act of God when it comes to making an insurance claim, or is it just another urban myth?