act of God

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a natural and unavoidable catastrophe that interrupts the expected course of events

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Q: Will the engineer, architect and the contractor still be exempt from liability if, upon the happening of a fortuitous event or an act of God, they were likewise found to have committed fraud in the performance of their duties?
This application is not maintainable and [HESCO's counsel] termed the incident as an act of God .
Essentially, an Act of God clause will allow insurers to deny liability for an event such as a volcanic eruption.
It did not surprise me that a volcanic eruption was being classed as an Act of God.
Easter is not just chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and a holiday, but an act of God.
It is most assuredly an act of God that moves the heart of mankind to tangibly engage in the sufferings of one's fellow man, provoking actions clearly modeling the very essence of God's love and compassion toward His creation.
Amusing is the naive humanism" of today's fundamentalist-oriented politicians: blaming previous administrators for unbalanced budgets and depressions taking full credit for business upturn--all in disregard of what was once an inexorable act of God, the business cycle.
At this point I really think it will take an act of God to change her, because she is that far out there.
In the end, the court ruled against Transatlantic, noting that the policy had no earthquake clause and the company was "relying on the defense that the disaster was 'an act of God,' not insured against.
Joel names this plague as an act of God and calls the people to repentance, a call that will be heard.
For those telling the story of New Orleans without the context of racism, corruption and neglect that caused this, it could just be another act of God.