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Synonyms for act as

function as or act like

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pretend to have certain qualities or state of mind


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While important and widely discussed in the media, this is a relatively small issue as it relates to the act as a whole and has never been used in a real-world case in the years since the act was passed.
Mumbo Jumbo does, of course, play off the notion that mystery and the Western detective, or scientific logic, act as opposing forces.
In addition, the Court noted that Congress "left the Act as it was' and did not overturn a narrowing judicial interpretation of the provision.
The Act as passed, unlike earlier versions, imposes on service providers no new obligation to furnish facilities or technical assistance to aid law enforcement in this regard, and authorizes compensation for reasonable expenditures incurred in providing such aid.
Langum presents the Mann Act as a model of the dangers inherent in attempts to legislate morality.