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To photocure commercial unsaturated polyester or polyester acrylate resins, 2,4-diiodo-6-butoxy-3-fluorone (DIBF) was utilized as the visible initiator at a concentration of 0.
This led to the development of two acrylate monomer-free aliphatic urethane acrylate resins (Figure 1).
The self-curing acrylate resins, typically incorporated at 20%-30%, do not affect ink flow and are suitable for use in ink formulations with different types of pigments.
Polyester acrylate resins were prepared based on adipic acid, maleic anhydride, neopentyl glycol, trimethylolpropane, and acrylic acid.
These essential chemicals are used to produce polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, acrylate resins, emulsion polymers, synthetic rubber and thermoset FRP.
Arkema is also present in Nansha with its Sartomer photocure acrylate resins plant.
Furthermore, if crude oil prices rise again, raw material costs for acrylate resins will rise as well.
A kinetic study of the ultrafast curing of water-based acrylate resins upon UV irradiation was conducted by means of infrared spectroscopy.
In acrylate resins like those used in photolithography, the carbon-carbon double bonds of the acrylate groups disappear as the monomer molecules are converted to crosslinked polymer.
announced it is increasing prices of its Radcure epoxy acrylate resins by $0.
The photoinitiated polymerization of acrylate resins is known to be strongly inhibited by oxygen which reacts rapidly with the initiator R* and polymer ([P*.
Both the anionic dispersions, which were formulated with typical styrene acrylate resins, and cationic dispersions, which were formulated with the radiation curable cationic dispersant, were quite stable when tested at room temperature.
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