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MQM members rejected the draft bill outright, while PTI's Dr Shireen Mazari was of the view that her party would come up with its own recommendations for across-the-board accountability.
Instead of approving a bill that seeks a P2,000 across-the-board pension hike, Senator Richard Gordon said the Senate decided to just approve the resolution so that SSS pensioners will immediately receive the increase hopefully this December.
The bill will add P2,000 pesos across-the-board to the current pension and will greatly benefit not just the current pensioners but all SSS members who will start from a higher pension someday," he explained.
The ABC/Washington Post Poll found that 61 percent of Americans back a five percent across-the-board cut in spending, but only 34 percent want an eight percent across-the-board cut in military spending.
612 percent across-the-board increase for most federal programs.
If Congress takes no action after the committee's failure, across-the-board cuts will hit most education programs.
However, any across-the-board cuts would not become effective until Jan.
5 trillion in savings fails to do its job, "sequestration," or across-the-board cuts would be mandated.
Party leaders say they're preparing a plan as an alternative to across-the-board cuts.
1 percent of the 288 law firm respondents planned across-the-board rate increases.
Senate for his proposed bill to impose a 27 percent across-the-board tariff on Chinese imports should China not meaningfully adjust its exchange rate in a sufficiently timely manner.
The agreement is retroactive to June 1 and includes across-the-board wage increases each year and better wage rate protection in the event of placement to lower-paying job categories.
The DoD appropriations bill may also be subject to an across-the-board rescission.
For instance, this might mean giving raises only to highly effective teachers, and taking the rest of the money that would have gone to across-the-board raises and focus it on professional development intensely targeted on teachers who are not performing up to par.
Moreover, once the differential has been established, be aware that across-the-board percentage increases can impact different populations very differently.