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extending throughout an entire nation

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The state's cardiologists, for example, earned $241,497 on average in 1999, about 20 percent less than the nearly $300,000 average paid across the nation.
to produce and market compatible high-speed, digital vehicle- roadside communications systems that could be used in "smart highways" now in the planning stages in California and across the nation.
VP-200s are now being used in all the Sorenson VRS Interpreting Centers across the nation.
But the reports in Los Angeles are still fewer than other places across the nation, Ibrahim said.
Sara Horowitz, executive director of Freelancers Union, said, "Today, we are marking the dawn of a new form of unionism - a new kind of labor organization that seeks to protect and even the playing field for millions of independent workers and freelancers across the nation.
Nadia Ferdowsi, 17, of Canyon Country was selected as one of 3,000 Latino students across the nation to be recognized by The College Board for their academic achievements in the Preliminary SAT.
com Nonprofit of the Year award recognizes one nonprofit organization from across the nation that has been recently established (12 months or younger), has the promise of growth and sustainability and is making a positive impact in the lives of children, families and communities.
This is our opportunity to show across the nation that change is past due,'' Foster said.
Through years of pioneering research, rigorous testing, and constant assessment of multiple sources of data, the Data Excellence Program has resulted in achieving the most comprehensive, accurate traffic solutions for businesses and consumers across the nation.
Ten Hi-Tec Adventure Racing Series events across the nation, where athletes run five to eight miles, kayak one or two miles and mountain bike 10 to 15 miles.
NeighborWorks hurricane related grants help evacuees resettle in NeighborWorks communities across the nation, while also financing rebuilding efforts in affected communities across the Gulf Coast.
We are honored to have worked with the City of Cleveland Fire Department in developing this creative solution during the past twelve months, and we are looking forward to serving other fire departments across the nation in their preparation against bio-chemical weapons, "Brooks added.
Feinstein cautioned that despite dramatic reductions in all levels of crime in California and across the nation, ``no one should be lulled into thinking we have won the war.
Our advantage is that we can easily replicate our proven publication model to meet the localized demands of car consumers and dealers in geographies across the nation," said Bob Metz, chief executive officer of PRIMEDIA Consumer Guides.
Cohr cleans, repairs and replaces medical equipment at hospitals and clinics across the nation.