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extending throughout an entire nation

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'There are many more roads across the nation that have been rehabilitated, while others are being monitored for timely intervention where necessary.
Senior Communications Officer at the Head Office, Mr Francis Atayure Abirigo, commended the Church of Pentecost for the initiative of environmental care campaign across the nation and appealed to other religious bodies such as the Islamic Community of Ghana, the Roman Catholic, Methodist and Assemblies of God amongst others, with bigger congregations, to emulate what the COP was initiating.
The icy conditions lead to motor accidents across the nation, resulting in lengthy tailbacks on several highways, dpa reported.
"The free market approach to scrap tire management has produced a phenomenal environmental success story across the U.S.," said the RMA's Dan Zielinski, adding, "Tire manufacturers have worked across the nation to help establish effective state scrap tire managment programs, often funded by user fees on tire sales, to enforce regulations, clean up tire piles and promote environmentally sound, cost-effective markets for scrap tires."
Low-income students also are the majority in all city schools across the nation, the study says.
This award presents a remarkable opportunity for us to expand our research beyond New York City to help policymakers in Washington and across the nation make more effective housing and community development investments and policies."
economy and the housing market downturn, but a new Housing Predictor survey shows that nearly 2 out of 3 surveyed expect riots to break-out across the nation as a result of the troubles.
Byco, the fastest growing OMC in Pakistan, now has a strong network of over 200 retail stations across the nation. The celebratory event was held at Carlton Hotel, Karachi.
Moore was recognized for promoting electronic health records, electronic prescribing, and computerized physician order entry systems in Massachusetts and across the nation. Moore is Senate chairman of the legislature's Joint Committee on Health Care Financing, and was a principal architect of Massachusetts' landmark health care reform law of 2006 and the quality and containment law of 2008.
By Tesfa-alem Tekle October 5, 2009 (ADDIS ABABA) -- Marking the national Flag Day for the second time, Ethiopians across the nation on Monday collectively reinvigorate their pledges to scale up their efforts in the fight to curb poverty and realize Ethiopian renaissance.
Each of these extraordinary women supports more than 30 organizations across the nation in every city we serve.
With the average cost of a gallon of gas across the nation over $4, some Americans are thinking about buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle.
These tours were arranged as part of the ongoing beneficial reuse initiative and served as a tool to educate agency staff about the metalcasting industry, particularly how sand is used for molds and cores, the methods employed to manage sand within a metalcasting facility, and the barriers to beneficial reuse that currently face metalcasters across the nation.
The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, our nation's oldest organization fighting capital punishment, believes the capital punishment system is fatally flawed and should be abolished in every state across the nation. At its 2006 national convention in June, the League of Women Voters adopted a new position to abolish the death penalty.