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extending throughout an entire nation

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Determined at once to prove the truth - or rather the falsehood - of her story, I hastened to Woodford as fast as my legs could carry me; first veering round by a circuitous course, but the moment I was out of sight of my fair tormentor cutting away across the country, just as a bird might fly, over pasture-land, and fallow, and stubble, and lane, clearing hedges and ditches and hurdles, till I came to the young squire's gates.
We then struck across the country, into the great Cirencester road, and made such haste, that we spent the next evening, save one, in London.
I should have been in the way yesterday, expecting you, but I rode across the country to carry a message from a sick mother to her daughter in service some miles off, and have but just now returned.
I'm against seeing a poor body like that jolted across the country in an open motor-car, in his state.
Industries Minister Amir Hossain Amu on Thursday called for expanding technical education to increase skilled workforce and meet the upcoming demand of industries in Economic Zones (EZs) across the country, reports BSS.
Talking to reporter an official said,'This motel located in the centre of Ayubia and source of attraction for large number of tourists from across the country.
In a potpourri of summer and fall events across the country, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) continues to model a church in "Mission for Others" (the denomination's theme).
MBUSA will donate $1 million through the sales of its 750 Premier Edition GL-Class models sold at select Mercedes-Benz dealerships across the country to benefit EIF's NAMEI, which funds exemplary arts and music programs for children and youth nationwide, including The Recording Academy's Grammy Camp.
Another source of election information is candidate debates, and Leagues across the country are busy hosting forums.
What started with 18 riders and no money in the bank a decade ago has grown to more than 800 police officers from departments across the country riding in the Police Unity Tour Cross Country Bicycle Ride that has raised $2.
Well before the creation of geoscience regulatory bodies in Canada, Canadian geoscientists were able to practice across the country without constraints other than their own experience and knowledge.
Churches across the country submitted their best recipes for this collection: some fifty cookbooks from across the country presented their 'perfect dish' for church socials, represented in wide variety in CHURCH SUPPERS: 722 FAVORITE RECIPES FROM OUR CHURCH COMMUNITIES.
To assist in the branding initiative, USDA Rural Development conducted a "request for proposal" review from marketing and communications agencies across the country.
From 1949 to 1973, urban renewal, spearheaded by business and real estate interests, uprooted that emotional ecosystem and destroyed some 1,600 African American neighborhoods in cities across the country.
A privately held corporation for more than 80 years, Dukane's Audio Visual Division provides sophisticated presentation solutions for educational institutions across the country.