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On October 11, 2019, at Toronto's iconic Opera House, Jacqueline and Across The Board will wage war on cancer, with some help from their friends.
Across the board accountability is a demand which is raised from various quarters yet one needs to ask: why has the process of across the board accountability not taken off in Pakistan?
SITTINGBOURNE hopes to boost open-racing this month by raising also-ran money to PS50 across the board with immediate effect.
THERE are hundreds of bargains across the board, from beds and buggies to clothes, nappies and toys, at Asda's Baby & Toddler Event, in store and online at
There's a hefty hike across the board but it is not distributed evenly so you really have to shop around.
Summary: New Delhi: Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal yesterday hiked train fares across the board, the ...
The appointment of Canadian Mark Carney as the governor of the Bank of England has been welcomed across the board in Britain, notwithstanding the fact that a foreigner will be heading the bank for the first time in its over 300 year history.
Shares also lost ground across the board in London and Frankfurt.
I notice the Arts Council seem to have targeted rural touring across the board. This seems to me to be very short sighted.
In grade 8 (the only grade in which subgroup trends were analyzed by achievement level), Connecticut students showed gains across the board in math--at the basic, proficient, and advanced levels for racial/ethnic subgroups, low income students, and boys and girls.
"[Emirates] fares have gone up across the board. It was expected because it is peak season," Premjit, Bangara, travel manager at Sharaf Travel said.
It's the same as giving the winter fuel allowance across the board even ex pats get it living in Spain etc.
"Although they aren't complaining, what hasn't made much sense to healthcare borrowers is how long-term interest rates have managed to resist persistent efforts by the Federal Reserve Board to use monetary policy initiatives to nudge rates higher across the board. Nor is it clear how long the current situation might last," he said.
This teaching led to the Holocaust, and Mordecai Paldiel tells the stories here of over three hundred Christian clerics across the board who have stood up for Jews to save them from death.