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FICCI President Pankaj Patel, in a letter to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, noted that although a roadmap for bringing corporate tax down to 25 percent was chalked out in the earlier budget, nothing was implemented across the board.
In such conditions, to launch across the board accountability is perceived as a hard task.
Farhatullah Babar said there was no danger to democracy if across the board accountability of all was done without any discrimination.
WEST COAST: The major West Coast commercial real estate markets, like most of the rest of the country, posted healthy activity in 2005, pushing rents up and vacancy rates down, nearly across the board.
From its extremes to the battles fought over hip hop music across the board, HIP HOP MATTERS: POLITICS, POP CULTURE, AND THE STRUGGLE FOR THE SOUL OF A MOVEMENT is essential for any who would understand the music and its influences.
If out-of-state students are more price sensitive than residents, it may be necessary to consider implementing an across the board dollar increase instead.
There is a need to cut down the number of games right across the board.
With [office] politics being constant across the board, I decided that in order to get the corner office, I had to develop the business and own the company
Many auditors feel that it is easier to assess risk across the board at maximum and perform substantive tests.
Student reaction was very favorable across the board," said Joanne Lindstrom, AICPA Pre-Test Technical Manager.
We are already cheaper than many Division Two sides and therefore, if we stay in this division, then a pounds 1 increase across the board is effectively nothing.
They have found, longitudinally, however, that this level of perceived quality of life in nursing home residents is difficult to achieve across the board.
At the same time, IMPERYS implemented an across the board price increase on all paper grades of kaolin.
IIA Vice President Basil Pflumm says, "Compliance with the new standards across the board will be mandatory beginning January 1, 2002.