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a process at the anterior end of a sperm cell that produces enzymes to facilitate penetration of the egg

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The nucleus and acrosome were stained in blue and green with DAPI and FITC-PSA, respectively.
Effect of glycerol concentration, Equex STM(r) supplementation and liquid storage prior to freezing on the motility and acrosome integrity of frozen-thawed epididymal alpaca (Vicugna pacos) sperm.
05) enhanced post-thaw buffalo bull semen in terms of sperm motility percentage, viability, acrosome integrity and sperm functional integrity.
5% DM accompanied with 300 mg of vitamin C/kg DM had a significant increase of the proportion of DHA in spermatozoa, motility, HOS and percentage of sperm with normal acrosome, which may have beneficial effects on fertility.
It was recently observed that the acrosome of many sperm are damaged after vitrification (25).
Effect of buffering systems on post-thaw motion characteristics, plasma membrane integrity, and acrosome morphology of buffalo spermatozoa.
Success of fertilization depends on various cellular characteristics of the spermatozoa such as membrane and acrosome integrity, mitochondrial activity, and production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) (Lu & Wu 2005, Espinoza et al.
ROS are needed for capacitation, acrosome reaction, and ultimately fertilization [12].
After these alterations, spermatozoa undergo acrosome reaction, in which hydrolytic enzymes enabling spermatozoa to fertilize oocytes are released [3, 4].
In mammals, physiological hypotonicity can facilitate the acrosome reaction in the sperm through calcium increase and acrosome swelling (Rossato et al.
The database included the seminal variables: concentration, morphology (head, mid piece and tail), membrane structural integrity (MSI), acrosome integrity (ACRI), and membrane functional integrity (MFI); proximal cytoplasmic droplet, (PCD), distal cytoplasmic droplet (DCD), and total cytoplasmic droplets (TCD).
The supravital stain trypan-blue was used to distinguish live and dead spermatozoa while giemsa stain was used to evaluate the integrity of the acrosome membrane.