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a process at the anterior end of a sperm cell that produces enzymes to facilitate penetration of the egg

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The froze-thawed semen assessed to motility, progressive motility, viability, morphological acrosome abnormality and hypo-osmotic swelling test.
This agglutination is likely due to spontaneous acrosome reactions which could have occurred at some point during freezing or thawing.
The morphologically acrosome abnormality was assessed by viewing a wet mount of diluted spermatozoa fixed in buffered Formalin-Citrate solution as described by Weitze (1977).
Straws of semen were thawed in a water bath at 37[degrees]C for 20 s and evaluated for motility, viability and acrosome integrity under an inverted microscope.
On the other hand, heparin can induce the acrosome reaction in bovine spermatozoa (Handrow et al.
Acrosome reaction in abalone sperm involves the exocytosis of the acrosomal vesicle and the polymerization of subacrosoreal materials, composed mainly of actin, to form the anterior spike called acrosomal process (Neill & Vacquier 2004).
Analysis of acrosome condition in hormone-supplemented treatments: Acrosome condition was analyzed using the improved Coomassie Brilliant Blue (Bio-Rad, CA, USA) method described by de Leeuw et al.
In equine species, the co-culture with OEC-improves the capacitation of spermatozoa and in porcine the OECs conditioned medium can efficiently increase the in vitro acrosome reaction (AR) of frozen-thawed bovine spermatozoa (40, 51).
Human sub-fertility or infertility is related to reactive oxygen species, affected acrosome reaction [2], decreased capacity for sperm-oocyste fusion [3,4] or dissection of spermatozoa [5].
The sperm acrosoreal vesicle then disappeared and an acrosome reaction was observed at 1 min from the start.
Optimum concentration of ROS is also found to stimulate sperm capacitation, hyperactivation, acrosome reaction and oocyte fusion.
Capacitation and the acrosome reaction are important processes in sperm maturation and are obligatory steps prior to fertilization (Lane et al.
Several studies have shown that this enzyme is associated with acrosome and tails of mouse and human sperm and it appears to be involved in sperm motility and acrosomal reaction that are the main factors in fertilization process (11-13).
Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to assess differences among treatments on motion characteristics, plasma membrane integrity and normal acrosome morphology.