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a process at the anterior end of a sperm cell that produces enzymes to facilitate penetration of the egg

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These are suitable conditions for sperm cell capacitation 10 and also to evaluate their ability to undergo acrosome reaction.
Reactive oxygen species requirements for bovine sperm capacitation and acrosome reaction.
CRISP2 protein that has been localized in the acrosome and sperm tail and involved in sperm-egg fusion, is a candidate gene in men infertility; however, analysis of CRISP2 variations in asthenozoo- and/or teratozoospermia failed to find a significant association (41).
Stage Cell types Size ([micro]m) Immature (I) Spermatogonia 10.35 [+ or -]0.11 Sertoli cells 10.63 [+ or -]0.46 Development (II) Spermatogonia 8.96 [+ or -]0.14 Spermatocytes Mature (III) Spermatogonia Spermatocytes 7.73 [+ or -] 1.02 Spermatids 4.76 [+ or -] 0.14 acrosome Spermatozoa 11.16 [+ or -]0.2 spine TABLE 3.
In comprehensive view, it appears that the bulls with pattern 2 of exon 1+pattern 2 of exon 2+pattern 1 of exon 3 could be used as a marker for selecting higher sperm concentration, mass motility, live spermatozoa acrosome integrity and membrane integrity.
Experiment 3: The procedure was the same as second experiment except that the sperm acrosome already had been reacted with inomycine.
After their nucleus condenses and is covered by an acrosome cap, elongated spermatids differentiate into spermatozoa, followed by their release into the lumen of the seminiferous tubule.
Adiponectin protein is abundant in the tail region of bull sperm, while AdipoR1 is localized mainly at the equatorial and acrosome region and AdipoR2 is expressed primarily on the sperm head region and on the equatorial line.
Besides, deficiency of PICK1 would cause male infertility in patients and animals as PICK1 is essential for vesicle trafficking from the Golgi apparatus to the acrosome in sperm cells [32].
For the assessment of the acrosome, the fluorescence probe FITC-PSA was evaluated in the epifluorescence microscope at 400X magnification (BX-51, Olympus, Tokyo- Japan).
Moreover, they play the necessary role in sperm capacitation, acrosome reaction, and fertilization [18-21].
Results of the study, clearly indicate that osmotic stress primarily damaged the spermatozoa internal structures more severely (mitochondria, acrosome and DNA) rather than plasma membrane.